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High density relay planting of Radish, Spinach, Cos Lettuce 🥬
Greenhouse salad looking good!
Lovely to see some great sweet potatoes coming out of the ground from this heavy clay patch. Here we planted slips (sweet potato cuttings) after broadforking, and added only a handful of compost in the hole and a thin layer of hay as mulch. No heavy mulching apart from wood chip in the paths. The yields have been spectacular and the soil improvement given by the work of the sweet potatoes impressive. Earthworms were impossible to find in May in this patch. Root exudates and green mulching can do miracles!
"You will burn and you will burn out; you will be healed and come back again." (F. Dostoevsky)

October glimpses - of luminous people and autumnal landscapes. Of discovery, high speeds and ground covers. Of harvests, bed flips, worms and smiles. Of perfect temperatures and heavy rains. Of sleeping soundly, and waking up silently. Of bending down wet and getting back up dry. Of piercing stares, forgetful hands and undisciplined souls. Of wholesome food. Glistening tears. And relentless joy.