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Would it be useful to share our process of hiring good graphic designers and some tips and insights?
Hello Telegram friends!! As you know I always share all the behind the scenes on this channel. This week behind the scene scoop has 2 things!
1) We are uplevelling the designs of the 2.0 Viral Content Templates - if you are a customer already - watch your inbox as you’ll get them for no extra cost.
2) I am starting a brand new Instagram @theofficialkatya and I am gonna experiment with content and how quickly I can get it to 10k followers without spammy or fake tactics
If you want to see what I am doing come join me at Instagram.com/theofficialkatya
I have a 3rd thing but I am about to have a massage at home and will tell you after!
I need your help. I am looking for someone who...

- Wants to see the 2.0 Viral Content Templates (uplevel Designs)

- record a reaction video of you opening and seeing them for the first time. Looking to capture your genuine reaction (whether shock, excitement or whatever genuine feeling you have)

- be okay with us using that video in our promotion materials (you can also use it to promote as an affiliate).

- can keep a secret and won’t use the templates until notifed they are published for everyone else.

Requirement: you must already have a license for the viral content templates.

Anyone interested??

Drop me a DM on Instagram at @theofficialkatya
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