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NASDAQ struggles to close above $13,050. Get ready for a potentially explosive move higher.
I found this very interesting...
Fed day is HERE. I think the Fed will attempt to calm markets with a 25pb (1/4) point rate increase today. There is already enough pent up fear and contraction in the global economy to warrant a softer rate increase rate.

Anything more than 25pb could really disrupt global economies and put extreme pressures on the credit markets - pushing us (and the world) into a recession.

I hope the Fed realizes the disruption in supply/labor is the main cause of current inflation (post-COVID) and that any aggressive move in rates could do some real damage to consumers/corporations/and foreign nations.
Here is my modeling systems' results for the Fed. Keeping the FFR below 0.75 at this point would be a very smart move for the Fed.
FFR Modeling Results.
Fed came out very mild today with a 0.50 rate increase (moving rates to 1% FFR). The markets ate this up with a strong rebound higher. Now, we'll see how the foreign markets react to this news to see if we get any follow-through upward trending.
As I've been saying for months, the next 15+ years are going to be FULL of opportunity for skilled traders.
This is just the start of some really big price trends.
Housing, on the other hand, may see a continued decline as interest rates are almost certain to move into the 6.25%+ range very quickly.
Pay attention to how price appreciation stalls while sellers that want OUT near the top are going to have to become very aggressive to attract buyers.
Expect more price reductions soon.
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US stock markets are nearing a bottom This deep selling may not be over for now, but historic ratios suggests we are close to a BOUNCE - might be a big bounce.
Long-term analysis suggests we are still in a Wave1-E correction or Wave2 correction. Overall, the future uptrend could propel the markets 150% higher (or more) over the next 8+ years.
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