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27th august high volatile trading due to FED SPEECH

Complete explanation how to earn maximum profit in high volatile market...]

28th August BUY XAUUSD & BUY AUDUSD Performance explanation by using our hedge strategy and technical levels
YouTube complete details can verify it.

You need to spend only 3 mins of time and you will get complete idea for the trading signals, trading performance, trading statement, client's account analysis, beginner's guide in forex and many more useful information get it through videos in simple format.
Past week performance from 23-08-20 to 29-08-20

Check the completely details as per the hedge strategy and will clear all the concept of successful trading in forex.
Live signals for the trade with personalize guidance for the trade and with proper re-investment strategy
BUY AUDUSD signal explanation with live chart details where 90 pips profit deliver today.

3 mins required once you watch then you will get the importance of the level trading.
Gold signal precisely traded from 1920-1950 = 30 points gain

$3000 profit delivered in 1 lot check the complete details in the video and understand the support level trading.

SELL EURUSD & SELL GBPUSD, BUY USDCAD Performed due to brexit & President Lagarde speech
How to install indicator in your Mt4 account?

If you are looking for this indicator contact us » @ftrade1