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🔊 Commissions and daily distribution will soon arrive. We are aware that the 24 hours have passed. In fact, the programmers are active and will complete the final touches. Keep it up, we're almost there!
From now until July 18
🔥 12% bonus on Smardrop purchases from your direct members.
⚡️ Buy a Smartdrop and you will receive 10% of the value of the package purchased as a bonus in your LIC Stake wallet.

It's time to start again at maximum power. Grow your team and your wallets.
🔊 Due to update on Liracoin Community, wallets are currently under maintenance.

You will be able to make transactions again as usual in 4 hours.

Please, note that the value of Liracoin is shown as zero due to the work on the platform.

Thank you for your patience and support.
🔊 During this phase of work on the platform, transactions may not work, as wallets are currently under maintenance. To recover this maintenance time, the IPER BONUS will be extended.

You will be able to make transactions again as usual in one hour.
Thank you for your patience and support.
The IPER BONUS will last until Sunday 21st July!
🔊 The IPER BONUS has been extended until the end of today!

If you couldn't buy a Smartdrop, you are able to now. The problem of the confirmation code you received via email to confirm the Smartdrop purchase has been solved.
From now until July 26

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Dear Community,

The Liracoin platform is nearly complete and everything will soon be working properly in the next week. The ranks have now been updated and the new compensation plan has been integrated.

News next week 🔊
1. From August 5, trading and Bitcoin withdrawals on Licex exchange will be available again.
2. The distribution difficulty will increase on August 10th!

Next goals 🎯
You will receive a press release within the next few days, which will include:
1. Presentation of the new Liracoin blockchain and technology.
2. KeyBox: publication of a new product available on the platform.
3. Insertion of a new Liracoin protocol program.
4. Integration of the Liracoin Community marketing plan with monthly qualification and awards.

Thank you for your support.
We were born to grow together.
2000 members here in the Liracoin Telegram channel!
We were born to grow together.

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Dear community, 🔊 The Licex exchange is fully active again, as trading and withdrawn.

New trading rules were entered on the exchange, as communicated via the Licex telegram channel on 5 August.

It is now possible to buy 300 LIC per week, instead of the previous 200.
Sales limits have been entered, that will increase every ten days, based on trading volume. Indeed, before the start of the programming work, the trading volumes were about 30 bitcoins a day, and now we will see them return gradually.

The choice of sell limits was necessary to safeguard the community, as, after a month of work on the platforms, panic selling must be prevented. With the new sales rules, sales can be made gradually, keeping the value of the currency stable.

The technological evolution of Liracoin has taken a lot of effort, both for you in waiting, and for the programming team that did not stop for a single day, to complete the work as soon as possible.
If Liracoin wants to move to the next level, the new technology is not enough. Because the value of Liracoin is provided by its members.

You are responsible for the Liracoin project. If you open a listing site you can see how many cryptocurrencies collapsed after their best moment, because their users were speculators, indifferent to the cryptocurrency project itself.

The responsibility lies with users. It has always been like this, and it will be now that the exchange is reopened. You can raise the price to the stars, and make the whole community enjoy it. Or you can bring down the price, giving others the chance to buy at a lower price.

Entering the project, you have accepted the responsibility you have towards Liracoin, in good times and in the most difficult ones. And despite the waiting, in less than two years we have achieved the goals of community members and volumes of exchange that the other cryptocurrencies have barely touched.

One step at a time towards the creation of our decentralized ecosystem.

We were born to grow together.
🔊 The LIC wallets addresses have been updated. Copy and use the new wallets addresses for your next transactions.
Dear community,

The Liracoin Community platform support team has found that many users are asking for help with their transactions because they sent LIC to obsolete addresses. As communicated via this channel on July 5, the LIC wallet addresses were updated. These such updates may sometimes be necessary due to update factors and system security. When this happens, it is communicated. The problem of using the old address for transactions has been solved for many users, but people who from now make a transaction to old wallet addresses will no longer be assisted in this regard. Please remember that blockchain transactions are, due to their security features, irreversible. Great care must be taken when making them because transactions cannot be canceled.

Ask recipient users to send their LIC wallet addresses copying them from their Liracoin Community accounts, so you can be sure you are using the correct ones for transactions. Please, ➡️ share this message with your whole team. Thanks for your attention.
Production difficulty will increase on August 15th!

Hurry and complete your purchases while the current distribution values are still in effect!
Due to maintenance work, you may see a notice that the connection with the Liracoin Community website is not private. The platform may log you out automatically and some pages may not load. Please wait to log in so that jobs can finish; then you can use the platform as usual.
🔊 The current daily production will run until 11:59 pm GMT on August 16th for new purchases. You have one more day to get the current distribution before the increase in production difficulties!
🔊 Extraordinary maintenance is in progress on the Liracoin platform's wallets. We apologize for the problem. Obviously, the deadline for the current distribution will be postponed.

The current daily distribution will last for 48 hours after the completion of the maintenance so that you can complete the purchases and get the packages before the difficulty increases.
You will receive a message here to know when maintenance has finished.
🔊 Everything on Liracoin Community works! You can make purchases and process transactions.
🔊 Dear community,

The new distribution is officially active, and you can view the new daily distribution values in the info table through your account. The total distribution days is now 400 in view of the next Masternode upgrade.

Stay tuned! You will receive an important communication in the coming days about the next steps of our project, both via this Telegram channel and email.