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PhD in Economics, financier and business angel Daniil Morozov became an Liqnet advisor!

Scientist, financial market practition and active crypto community participant Daniil Morozov ( joined us to use their talents for the development of the exchange.

Daniil Morozov is a PhD in Economics, who has been working in financial consulting for more than 10 years, and laureate of «100 best products of Russia», «Financial Russia 2007», «Financial Russia 2008». Also Daniil is business angel, who has 15 startups in the portfolio (in such areas as construction, financial consulting, real estate, IT, high-tech).

it is worth mentioning that he is co-Founder of Node — a revolutionary high-tech start-up, which disrupts a market niche of wireless transmission devices for both private and commercial use. Node’s innovative developments, research activities in the field of storage and transmission of electricity, allow to offer solutions that are characterized by high quality and efficiency of use.

Also Daniil is expert on ICOBench (TOP 10), People of blockchain on ICOBench (TOP 40), active member of the crypto community, and he has extensive contacts network in this field. Regions of distribution are CIS and Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Ukraine, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan) with total population over 300 million people.

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Jonathan Fianu and William Bryant have joined the LIQNET advisers team

The experienced entrepreneurs’ help plays an important role in the young projects’ development. Colleagues can look at the business from the outside, as well as share the unique know-how that is used in their own work. A serial entrepreneur and consultant Jonathan Fianu, and a former operations Director of CAKE Technologies company (successfully sold to American Express) William Bryant became the advisers in our exchange.

Jonathan Fianu is a business development leader and consultant with experience in a wide variety of industries and sectors, including big data, renewable energy, general consumer goods, retail and innovative technologies. He has established and manages enterprises in Africa, Asia, Europe and Russia, has a degree in Economics, econometrics and Finance.

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William Bryant worked in financial management companies, assets, technology business and start-ups after University. He has experience in business development, marketing, product development, relationship management and team building. Among the recent William’s achievements it’s worth noting the sale CACE Technologies startup, in which he was COO, to American Express company in October 2017.

William also invites to have a business relationship:

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Per Lind is a new LIQNET fintech adviser.

Attention! The new adviser joined the LIQNET team! Our trusted advisor is mr. Per Lind, a business development expert with more than 13,000 contacts on LinkedIn. He is helping to establish several software development companies, such as IOTA and HYPR.

At the moment, he has the Farmor Cloud Factory company in the mobile VoIP-communication and IP-networks field. Also, mr. Lind is a specialist in SMM field. He has worked with Carlsberg, IKEA, WPP (and associated agencies) and many other global brands.

Besides mr. Lind's professional achievements, we really like his philosophy: he seeks to change the world by managing the user experience. We agreed at this point. LIQNET is committed to improve the cryptotraders’ lives by collecting trading orders from the various exchanges with Liquidity Exchange Network aggregator (LEN) and opening a large market through one convenient interface. This makes trading more convenient, profitable and safer, because large transactions will not collapse the exchange, which takes volume on other platforms.

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LIQNET has started a road show in the United States

Representatives of the company are going to visit New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Chicago.
Representatives of the new generation crypto-exchange LIQNET with the support of partners from Como Capital flew to the United States to hold a road show in five cities and visit the best crypto-conferences of the summer.

The trips are tied to local conferences for exchange of experience with foreign colleagues, meetings with investors and traders.

We are ready to schedule additional business meetings to discuss possible prospects for cooperation. To arrange a time and date for communication, please contact us at 1-929-225-5063 and use the information about our route listed below.

Road show schedule:

August 6-14, New York (CRYPTOBLOCKCON 2018)
August 15-19, San Francisco (Silicon Valley Fintech Week 2018)
August 20-21, Las Vegas (BLOCKSHOW 2018)
August 22-23, Los Angeles (Blockchain China Connect 2018)
August 24-26, Chicago (Chicago Blockchain Project 2018)

To organize a meeting, write in private messages.

LIQNET — one of the first crypto-currency exchanges with the mechanism of combining liquidity from other platforms. This means that you can trade orders not only from our, but also from other exchanges. Combined liquidity allows you to trade increased volumes at better prices. LIQNET already works:

White Paper:
Official video:
As part of the American road show, the LIQNET team held fruitful meetings at the New York CryptoBlockCon 2018. The event turned out to be a narrowly focused party with a high concentration of the real businesses’ representatives. This is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the work of America's largest financial center.

Here were the heads of companies such as Comcast Ventures, the Blockchain Capital, Microsoft, ConsenSys, Luna Capital, NEM Foundation and Monetha. The talks touched upon and discussed important topics, in particular, the legal aspects of the crypto industry. We are confident that the contacts established during the CryptoBlockCon will benefit our customers.

New York acquaintances promise LIQNET further cooperation and additional popularity among cryptocurrency investors and traders. Presentations by participants, many of whom touched upon the regulation of cryptocurrency turnover, the relations between the authorities and the blockchain business, as well as the relationship between the cryptocurrency and blockchain markets and their mutual influence, were also useful.

We remind you the schedule of the road show:

August 6-14, New York (CryptoBlockCon 2018)
August 15-19, San Francisco (Silicon Valley Fintech Week 2018)
August 20-21, Las Vegas (BLOCKSHOW 2018)
August 22-23, Los Angeles (Blockchain China Connect 2018)
August 24-26, Chicago (Chicago Blockchain Project 2018)

To arrange a meeting, write to private messages or call 1-929-225-5063
The second stop of the road show in the US LIQNET was made in Silicon Valley Fintech Week 2018 in San Francisco. And in the process, we visited the TokenMatch meetup. In California, we were warmly greeted by about a hundred industry entrepreneurs and journalists, a roof overlooking the city and the surrounding forests, as well as beverages that corresponded to the informal atmosphere.

Four full days in San Francisco, in addition to communication at the conference, allowed us to hold several working meetings — for example, with private investors from the United States and India, co-founder and partner of Swarm Fund Timo Lehes. An interesting meeting took place with institutional investors from Element Capital Group, sponsors of TokenMatch. New contacts are also "turned" into two meetings in Las Vegas at the next event BLOCK SHOW 2018.

The mutual understanding reached with new acquaintances expands our opportunities for product improvement.

We remind you the schedule of the road show:

August 6-14, New York (CryptoBlockCon 2018)
August 15-19, San Francisco (Silicon Valley Fintech Week 2018)
August 20-21, Las Vegas (BLOCKSHOW 2018)
August 22-23, Los Angeles (Blockchain China Connect 2018)
August 24-26, Chicago (Chicago Blockchain Project 2018)

To arrange a meeting, write to private messages or call 1-929-225-5063
The best roadshow conference: LIQNET visited BlockShow 2018 in Las Vegas

The second time we visited the event from the creators of Cointelegraph (the first experience was a stunning BlockShow Europe 2018 in Berlin), we must acknowledge the organizers: BlockShow succeed. The recent Las Vegas conference is proof of that. This is the best and most memorable event of our roadshow.

The American tour BlockShow 2018 was attended by thousands of businessmen, consultants and investors. The speakers' presentations helped us to expand our knowledge of the industry. In parallel, we met a lot of interesting people, such as representatives of Zerocap, Sointelegraph,, Atari, as well as the famous media person, co-founder and former CEO of the oldest Chinese crypto-exchange BTCC, Bobby Lee.

We also had a great time with David Drake (, the founder and director of LDJ Capital. After the event in his wonderful penthouse we discussed options for cooperation.

Thank You, David! Thank You, Cointelegraph! Thanks, BlockShow, great job!
The meeting of representatives of the USA and China is always important. And in the global crypto-currency market, these two powers dictate global policy. This is one of the reasons why during the roadshow LIQNET in the United States, we visited the China Connect Blockchain 2018 Los Angeles.

Blockchain China Connect aims at the unification of the blockchain-business from different continents and bridging the cultural differences in the interests of economic cooperation. The conference was appropriate to communication, acquaintances, which can result in a positive innovations for LIQNET.

The conference organizers note a number of trends in the blockchain business:

• Chinese investors are hoarding cash in anticipation of a strong upward trend
• Blockchain has a significant impact on organizational processes, but has problems with mass understanding and acceptance
• The development of laws, consumers and competition between products have led to a fierce struggle between marketing and PR teams
• Road shows become common for teams at ICO

We are grateful to the organizers of Blockchain China Connect from Artisan Business Group and will be happy to attend their new international events.
LIQNET road show 2018: results

LIQNET returned from the road show in the United States of America and is ready to share experiences.
Our new friends have shown great interest in the cryptocurrency exchange project with liquidity aggregation, so after the initial agreements we prepare the ground for detailed discussions.

The purpose of the trip was the relations’ establishing with investors from the United States. We personally presented the company to hundreds of people, wrote almost a thousand emails and made several hundred calls. During the tour, among the constant communication and travel, we managed (previously and on the spot) to organize twelve meetings with potentially the most important people for the project.

The most memorable city of the road show was New York, which, despite of its size, feels compact and imbued with special energy. And BlockShow conference in Las Vegas is recognized as the undisputed leader of our rating of events. Its organizers showed professionalism and were able to invite great guests, filling every minute of the event with benefits.

In addition, we have gained valuable experience in establishing relationships with entrepreneurs from different countries and from different continents, such as Adam Jacobs, Pavel Cherkashin and Bobby Lee, as well as felt the benefit of the roadshow as a separate, extremely valuable type of marketing activity.

The main trip’s results to LIQNET:

1) meetings with investors — conducted and planned;
2) meetings and exchange of experience with representatives of the ten largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world;
3) obtaining advices on registration on SEC.

The main conclusion of the tour is the need to connect the new exchanges that will make trading through LIQNET even more profitable, and the project itself is more attractive for large investments.

LIQNET will make every effort to use all the experience accumulated in the roadshow, all connections and ideas for the benefit of our users.
LIQNET cryptocurrency exchange received three major licenses for the purpose of activity on the territory of the European Union

Thanks to them, our clients can legally perform a number of key operations, being under the reliable protection of the laws of the European Commission on the territory of 28 States.

• The licence of providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency. This license allows LIQNET to exchange fiat currency for cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency for fiat money and cryptocurrencies for cryptocurrencies legally for residents of the European Union.

• The license of the providing a virtual currency wallet service. It allows to provide hot and cold wallet services for cryptocurrencies. As part of this service, the company generates keys for customers or stores encrypted keys that can be used to store and transfer virtual currencies. This means providing services to store the accounting data needed to access virtual currencies. Simply put, LIQNET can officially provide cryptocurrency wallet services in the EU.

• The license to operate as a financial institution. Residents of the European Union can legally use the services of LIQNET in the field of financial and monetary transactions. We work in full compliance with the law on prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism. Today, almost all EU residents have a need for financial services, and LIQNET is ready to open the world of legal cryptocurrencies for them.

Roman Shirokov, co-founder and CEO of LIQNET:

Today, the global circulation of cryptocurrency discredited by shady deals, by no guarantees. LIQNET aims to turn the tide. We consistently act in order to counter money laundering in the crypto-currency industry, as well as make every effort to legalize cryptocurrencies as an available financial and payment means, adding to the distributed register the protection of our clients by legal acts of various States.

License for exchange of cryptocurrencies, providing crypto and operate as financial institutions increase the credibility of LIQNET and output to a new level of responsibility to customers.