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Forwarded from LINJUST FX Robot ️ ️
Today is NFP Economic News
Forwarded from LINJUST FX Robot ️ ️
🔰 Non Farm Payrolls Day.
Forwarded from LINJUST FX Robot ️ ️
Expect market movements with the release of the latest NFP.

This month's non-farm payroll is today. As you know, this is a key economic indicator for the US and often leads to significant market movements.

What is the NFP?
The non-farm payroll is an employment report that measures the number of jobs gained in the United States over the previous month. It excludes any farm related jobs. It's a key economic indicator for the US and has reprecussions on markets beyond American borders. The release of the report on the first Friday of each month, regularly causes one of the largest market movements of any news announcement.
We thank God for this week. "A man who refuses to give up can never fail...".

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