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LevelForecast - is unique technical analysis system that allows to build projection and show the Price and Time Levels for the future.
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GOLD / XAUUSD - attempts to break the trend level of Resistance and the Base of price level 1533.07 (B) on an uptrend, formed a local extremum.

in confirmation: the crossing of two strong levels Time Base Level 2019.08.15 (B) and the Price Base Level 1533.07 (B) strengthened the direction signal about the beginning of the corrective/flet price movement.

Further price movement will be in the corrective movement where the price will tend to the nearest Derivative price level of 1484.57 (H1) and confirming trend Support level.

Until 2019.09.04. large fluctuation price movements will not be expected, as GOLD will continue to be in the corrective phase.

If the price breaks through the Derivative price level 1484.57 (H1), further price movement will be directed to the next Support price level at 1436.07.
For more than a week, the Pound has been in the correction phase. The forecasted models of LevelForecast in the form of technical analysis tools
such as Trend levels and Trend Zone, show the continuation of the correction of the price movement at the border of the Trend level of Resistance.
Most likely the further price movement will be located in the channel of Trend levels and will tend to the border of the Trading zone - level is 1.19568.
We can expect strong consolidation with further formation of a local extremum can be expected at the intersection of the Base Time Level 2019.08.29 (B) and with the Base Price Level 1.18637 (B).
NZDUSD - Consolidation of the price movement on the Base price level of 0.6431 (B) added market volatility and market sentiment to the further continuation of the bear trend.

Breaking through the Trend Resistance level sets the price to move towards the Trend Support Level 0.6310, and to the border of the Trading Zone.

Market models are built using the LevelForecast technical analysis system.
Bitcoin has frozen in the price range of uncertainty for many market participants.
The Base price level 9847.80 (B) has been a strong Support level for a long time, together with the Trend Support Level, this is a strong deterrent for price movement down.

You can expect a trend or abnormal price movement after breaking the Base Time Level on 09/01/2019 and breaking through the Base Price Level 10516.82 (B).
EURUSD - price movement
on the last day of the week was predictable and directional, and was also accompanied by a strong impulse movement above ATR (D1). After long-term consolidation at the border of the Support of two Trading Zones (Extreme Prediction Model), the constructed model LevelForecat is showed a possible price movement to the Resistance level of the Trend Line and the Derivative price level 1.11575 (H1). A further scenario can be considered in the following aspect:
- If the price closes at the price level of 1.11575 (H1), we can expect continued movement
in the direction of the uptrend and the Base price level of 1.12850 (B).
- If the Derivative price level 1.11575 (H1) is not broken, we can expect an upward movement in the direction of the Downtrend to the Support level 1.10300 (H4)
USDCNH Chinese Yuan is a rapid devaluation process or a well-thought-out strategy.
The Gap at the opening of the trading week for the Chinese Yuan was obvious and expected, the price increase from the Base Price Level of 7.1282 (B) continued its upward movement to the trend Resistance level and brought the Yuan closer to the new target the Base Price Level of 7.1872. (B)
We can consider the further price movement as the beginning of consolidation within the Trend Levels and at the border of the Trading Zone (forecast extremum model) with the exit from the consolidation after September 6, 2019.
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USDCNH Chinese Yuan is a systematic devaluation process.
The beginning of the previous week for the RMB was accompanied by large volumes and directional trend movement. After breaking through the price level of B-6.9515, further price movement is more focused on consolidation. Further price movement can be seen as a continuation of consolidation in the range of price levels B-7.0533 and B-6.9515. After breaking through the Base Time Level from February 5, 2020, we can expect further Bullish trend.
All week, the GBPUSD was in a downtrend. A false breakdown at the Base price level B-1.31558 added volatility, and a breakdown of the trend line of Resistance level accelerated further downtrend movement.
What can we expect: at the price level D-1.28563 (Median between the Base price levels), we can expect Bullish Support with a possible reversal of the downtrend, this is confirmed by the downward border of the Trading Zone and the trending line of Support level. In the range of February 11 2020, we can expect the formation of a local extremum.
Gold under pressure. After the breakdown of the Base price level B-1533.07, further price movement is directed to the new target of price level H1-1484.62. This is confirmed by directional movement of prices from important price levels and trend levels of Resistance and target Support with high volatility. Until March 22, 2020 we will expect a bearish mood in the gold market.
We're expanded our Supported assets, now price levels analysis and Forecasts for @VelasBlockchain @dogecoin #bnbcoin #NeoCoin #atomcoin
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#Bitcoin under pressure on time level of the LevelForecast
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Fresh outlook for the @VelasBlockchain, maybe it's time to the moon...
Price and Time levels show a reversal Pattern to the Bullish trend.
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DOGE, After consolidation, we expect a Bullish trend.
Daily Forecast: Bullish, strength: 40.00%, Bearish, strength: 0.00%, Sideways, strength: 60.00%, nearest S&R Levels 0.13/0.26
nearest Time Level: 2021-09-08