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letstrip.io - is the global social project based on blockchain technology, where users can take an active part in creating historical and tourist ecosystem of the hole world
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There are only 4 days left before the start of Lets Trip's tourism ecosystem crowd sale. If the project won't get the Software Cap, the invested funds will be returned to all ICO participants.

In ERC20 this amount is 3770 ETH.

The blockchain-based startup uses not only the ERC20 smart contract but also TRC 10. Token will have the format TRC20. To participate in a crowd sale, the investor needs to send coins to a special ETH address. The funds will be distributed automatically after the ICO end.

Hurry up to take part in the ICO of a promising project with an excellent reputation https://letstrip.io
🔥🔥🔥 LetsTrip negotiates IEO with one of Top 10 exchanges
Perspective tourist startup Lets Trip negotiate with one of the world top exchanges about IEO and the subsequent listing of its own token.
For that, very moment is only known that this is one of the world-leading cryptocurrency exchanges from the Top 10 list by trading volume. Details of the negotiations are still unknown.
To join Lets Trip's ICO visit our website https://letstrip.io
⭐️⭐️⭐️Only useful🔥🔥🔥
Lets Trip travel ecosystem with no trash and ads
LetsTrip ecosystem solves all the modern traveler's problems using the original blockchain solution.
There are the paid ads firstly seeing in Google search results. Most of the time tourists will choose those who have a bigger advertising budget.
Therefore the cost of placing ads on LetsTrip's map is the same for all users. Only one exception will be for corporate users with plenty of reserved points. This turns Lets Trip into a global decentralized ad exchange with equal terms for all.
At the 20th of April tourist ecosystem LetsTrip is to launch ICO. It gets a high evaluation of global ICO ratings Coingecko, ICOBench, and Foundico. Token LST will be listed on one of the world top 10 exchanges.
Soon there will start LetsTrip rebranding. Join one of the most promising ICO of 2019 here https://letstrip.io/
📌Only 3 days before ICO!

LetsTrip's founder indicates the benefit of exchanges coins

Investing in tokens of large crypto-currency exchanges can be very profitable for experienced users and professional traders said the developer of the Lets Trip tourist ecosystem Mikhail Khudokormov.
He notes, exchange tokens give bonuses and discounts for transactions and can be used in trading and speculations.
That's what brought success for newborn Binance Coin (BNB) Lets Trip's founder believes. Due to to the authority of the mother's exchange and the right marketing company, token swiftly grows to precious independent investment tool.
"Exchange firstly show interest in IEO. It's the way how they maintain their token volatility. Secondly its ICO's launchers. The third party is investors who put money not into the ICO, but into the coin which gets X's", Khudokormov added.
Also Lets Trip is going to start rebranding very soon. To join ICO visit our website https://letstrip.io
👁 Only 2 days before ICO open! LetsTrip plans a soft rebranding
Tourist ecosystem LetsTrip is ready to start rebranding, which is planned in the Roadmap.

According to the project's creators, the rebranding will take place as it scheduled, in parallel with the launch of the ICO campaign. https://letstrip.io/newstyle

"We are ready! Our users just should be ready to accept all changes in a positive way. Day after day we improving startup, adapting it to the new user's needs ", - said LetsTrip's founder Mikhail Khudokormov.

To join our ICO visit our web-site https://letstrip.io
🧲 Less than a day left! Join LetsTrip's ICO & earn on your travel passion

There only several hours before the tourist ecosystem LetsTrip's ICO starts!

LetsTrip is to lunch IEO at one of the world top 10 exchanges. In April, the ICO received recognition of global ICO ratings Coingecko, ICOBench and Foundico, etc.

Hurry up to take part in the ICO of a promising project with an excellent reputation. https://letstrip.io/
🤲 🧲 ⭐️Congratulations! LetsTrip ICO campaign is opened

LetsTrip ICO campaign opens at 00.00 of April 20. This project is a promising ecosystem for travelers launches its own campaign to attract more than $1M of investments.

"We went to the ICO opening for more than six months," said LetsTrip's founder Mikhail Khudokormov.

His project earned a high evaluation of the world ICO ratings ICOBench, TrackICO, FoundICO, etc. Project's Soft cup is $1.5M.

"We hope the global crypto community will appreciate our intention to make the worthwhile product. We promise we are not going to fall to scum, we'll do our best to launch highly appreciated ICO. And we will do everything well," the founder said. https://letstrip.io/

Several of the world's top crypto exchanges already offered LetsTrip to launch an IEO campaign.

"We glad our project get ranks of top crypto exchanges. We'll strive to conquer new horizons. We are to explore the new horizons"
⚡️⚡️⚡️ LetsTrip founder doesn't believe in CBDC

The issue of own digital currencies by Central banks may have a negative impact on the functioning of the cryptocurrency market, said founder of the promising tourist project, the LetsTrip ecosystem Mikhail Khudokormov. https://letstrip.io

The financial regulator states its the digital currency (central bank digital currency, CBDC) can be "the less risky and the most liquid asset available for a wide range of people," the Central Bank of Russia states in report "Does the Central bank digital currencies have a future".

Russian experts refuse it. If the CBDC is sufficiently liquid and easy to use, it could well become the full equivalent of cash. "Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the CBDC de facto will not be able to provide the same level of anonymity that the cash currency provides," experts wrote.

Mikhail Khudokormov believes there's no much the prospects for CB's crypto. The report could be a good sight as showing a "thaw" before discussing crypto legislation in the Russian parliament. But CBDC will never be released.
📌 LetsTrip ICO is on AwesomeICO now!

Another good news. We have been audited by crypto data aggregator and analyzer AwesomeICO https://awesomeicos.com/icos/5202

To take part in ICO, visit our website https://letstrip.io
☄️ LetsTrip is start rebranding, which is planned in the Roadmap.
To take part in ICO, visit our website https://letstrip.io
🏆 We are starting to develop a new blockchain!

New blockchain LetsTrip is a flexible and community-expandable ecosystem! Blockchain LetsTrip will use the consensus method “Byzantine Generals Problem” using the Tendermint technology.

Participate in ICO https://letstrip.io
🔥 Mikhail Khudokormov, CEO LetsTrip, became a member the Russian Assotiation of Cruptoindustry and Blockchain.

RACIB is the association that unites members of the Russian crypto market and created to integrate blockchain technology.

Participate in ICO https://letstrip.io
Reveal the details of the LetsTrip blockchain

The LetsTrip ecosystem is built on its own blockchain. It is highly productive and useful for a wide range of decentralized applications. Unlike other blockchain networks that use specific programming languages that require additional learning and are limited in their capabilities.

The LetsTrip blockchain allows developers to decentralize their applications using any of the popular JVM compatible programming languages (Groovy, Kotlin, Scala, JPython and Java). The LetsTrip blockchain keeps up with modern solutions of network decentralization, functional similarity to the projects GRAM by Pavel Durov, Binance (BNB) and COSMOS (ATOM) proves LetsTrip forward thinking.

To take part in ICO, visit our website https://letstrip.io
⚡️LetsTrip Blockchain is a flexible and community-expandable ecosystem!

First Stage: The first blockchain node

This stage includes work on creating a full-fledged backend on BigchainDB. He presupposes externalization (external deployment) of this backend at a later stage in his own blockchain.

At the first stage, a single node on BigchainDB will be created so far, which will interact with the TRON NETWORK node (with the LST Token smart contract to the TRC20 specification) via the TRON API using Java microservices to accrue and transfer rewards.

Visit our site https://letstrip.io to learn more.
⚡️ LetsTrip Blockchain is a flexible and community-expandable ecosystem!

Stage 2: Externalization of node and token migration
Upon completion of work related to the first stage, the following will be implemented:
– implementation of the own execution environment of smart contracts based on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM); smart contracts can be written in any of the programming languages compiled into Java bytecode and executed in the JVM; Currently, BigchainDB does not have the ability to add smart contracts;
– replacement of microservices with new smart contracts with similar functionality;
– the deployment of an improved node (with the execution environment and smart contracts) to other blockchain stakeholders - that is, its decentralization; this will also open to all users from all over the world the possibility of deploying third-party smart contracts on the LetsTrip blockchain;
– full migration of LST TRC20 tokens from the TRON blockchain to the ecosystem blockchain created; all transactions at this sta
🤳 We began to prepare for the second stage of our project.
Stay tuned for updates MVP in AppStore, on the official website and social networks.

https://letstrip.io - visit our website and stay up to date 😀