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Payout increase 4185 Kviku ES - CPL
СPL - 1,60 € (Old price - 0,80 €)

➡️Details: https://my.leadgid.eu/affiliate/offer/4185

Dear publishers!

We’ve made a new list of top ranked offers of the last week for you, regarding the following GEOs: Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Estonia, Poland, Spain, Mexico, Vietnam, the Philippines, Sri Lanka. For your convenience, each offer is provided with a link.

When you click on an offer, you’re redirected to the my.leadgid website with the description of that offer. Follow our news and earn your profit!😉

➡️Link to the TOP: https://telegra.ph/Leadgids-TOP-offers-09-06

#Leadgid #cpa #TOPoffers
Dear publishers!

Here are the offers we’ve launched for you last week🚀

ZAYMBAZA – unique application
Offer ID: 5521
GEO: Russia
Unique application - 110 RUB

SUPERZAYM – unique application
Offer ID: 5522
GEO: Russia
Unique application - 110 RUB

Gazprombank – cash and settlement service
Offer ID: 5523
GEO: Russia
Payout for a registered account – 7850 RUB

Cashpoint UA - application
Offer ID: 5434
GEO: Ukraine
Payout for an application - 57 UAH

Follow the news and earn your profit!!😉

#newoffers #leadgid #cpa #affiliatemarketing
Dear partners!

Changes to the work of the offer
4875 Credy AR
From September 10, the target Loan application is removed - 0 Euro (previously 0.60 Euro)
The payment for the issue remains unchanged - 3.60 Euro

➡️Details: https://my.leadgid.eu/affiliate/offer/4875

Hello everyone!

Today we'll continue talking about our GEOs, and now we’ll look at Vietnam. Here, you’ll read about its economy, people’s salaries, and what Vietnamese spend their money on and take out loans for. Let’s start!

Article link: https://telegra.ph/Exploring-new-GEO-Vietnam-09-09

#geo #vietnam #affiliatemarketing
Dear partners!

5138 Creditron MX CPL
The campaign's work is resumed!
Payout for CPL completed - 2,00 EUR

➡️Details: https://my.leadgid.eu/affiliate/offer/5138

👋🏻 Begin your week with a fresh rating of TOP offers!

Ladies and gents, we’re proud to present our new weekly rating of TOP offers for various regions. Meet the best offers for Russia, CIS, Asia, and Europe!

The rating is based on publishers’ EPCs and activity.

Find the rating here: https://telegra.ph/Leadgids-TOP-offers-09-13

Check out our insights and drive traffic profitably!

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Last week, we’ve launched the following offers for you🚀

Minicredito24 ES CPL + CPS
Offer ID: 5528
GEO: Spain
Payout for an application from a new client - 6,40 €
Payout for a loan granted to any client - 32,00 €

Credit Info Center UA
Offer ID: 5131
GEO: Ukraine
First loan granted – 615 UAH

OTP Bank - cash and settlement service for small businesses
Offer ID: 5526
GEO: Russia
Payout – 3700 RUB

Follow the news and earn your profit😉

#newoffers #affiliatemarketing #traffic #finance
Dear partners!

5415 Crabi MX CPL (auto insurance) is stopped for advertiser request

Dear partners!

1034 Bondora EE
We would like to inform you that the motivation scale will be from 17th of September.
Standard price for CPS - 56 EUR

➡️Details: https://my.leadgid.com/offers/1034

Greetings to everyone! 👋

Surely, many of you drive traffic using financial offer walls and other internet resources employing SEO. And, many of you may be using WordPress in your work since this platform is very convenient and multifunctional. WordPress is popular across the whole world and people have developed a huge amount of plugins for this service. We’re going to tell you about our favorite ones that can make your job so much more comfortable.

Article link ➡️https://telegra.ph/Useful-plugins-for-WordPress-Which-ones-should-you-install-on-your-website-09-16

#seo #wordpress #publisher #plugin #affiliatemarketing
Payout change 5181 Crezu AR CPL
СPL - 0,32 € (Было - 0,60 € )

➡️Details: https://my.leadgid.com/offers/5181

Dear partners!

5312 Banco Santander - Open account - CPL
Offer is active again
Payout for successfully opened accounts CPL (Registration + verification) - 44.00 BRL

➡️Details: https://my.leadgid.com/offers/5312

Dear affiliates!

We’ve made you a new top list with best performing offers! There you will find this week’s most popular offers with high EPC rates around these GEOs: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Asian countries, Spain, Mexico, Baltics.

Find our TOP here: https://telegra.ph/Leadgids-TOP-offers-09-20

#LeadGid #TOPoffers
Dear partners!

5292 Lotus Loan LK CPL is renewed
СPL - 3,6 $

➡️Details: https://my.leadgid.com/offers/5292

5530 Cashtero PL
Start of the new campaign!
Issued loan - 100 PLN
Geo: Poland

➡️Details: https://my.leadgid.com/offers/5530

Dear partners!

5501 BBVA Credit Card - AR CPL
Payout increase
Payout for Application to a credit card - 9,00 USD (before 7,00 USD)

➡️Details: https://my.leadgid.com/offers/5501

5538 Banco de Galicia Card - AR CPL
Launch of a new campaign
GEO: Argentina, AR
Payout for Application to a credit card - 4,20 USD

➡️Details: https://my.leadgid.com/offers/5538

Offers are stopped for advertiser request
3011 Prestamer ES - CPS (Redirect to 4015 Moneyman ES)

3013 Prestamer ES - CPL (Redirect to 5115 Pezetita ES CPL)

3015 Prestamer ES - CPL + CPS Р(Redirect to 4638 Crezu ES CPL+CPS)

Dear partners!

5273 Creditea ES
The campaign's work is resumed!
Attention, the advertiser increased the price for Issued Loan (new customer) - 96 EUR, but removed the payout for the
Pre-approved application - 0 EUR

➡️Details: https://my.leadgid.com/offers/5273