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Consumer Protection Act 2019-Salient Changes

We are all consumers, and - directly or indirectly - producers and service providers too. So know your rights and responsibilities well. Comments / likes / shares appreciated !
Vicarious Liability of Doctors- important for all to know !

Vicarious is defined as ‘acting or done for other’.

In a situation where there are many assistants, nurses etc. involved , a defense may be taken by the Head doctor that (s)he is not responsible for acts done by others who are assisting him/her.

In a recent Judgement of National Consumer Redressal Commission (NCDRC), defense taken by the Head Doctor was that he never gave the injection ( which was administered wrongly by his assistant ) , patient was already in an advance stage of the disease, treatment was as per regular protocol, and his role was only limited to the extent of giving prescription.

The defense was rejected. Read more at :
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