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We're happy to welcome new speakers of the Blockchain Economic Forum in Singapore on Feb 4-6:

• Nick Giurietto, CEO at Australian Digital Commerce Association
• Tony Tong, Vice Chairman at China Credit Management Association
• Renu Bhatia, VP at Hong Kong Blockchain Society
• Jason Potts, Director of Blockchain Innovation Hub at RMIT University
• Mark Shmulevich, CSO at Acronis, ex-Deputy Minister of ICT in Russia

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Miko Matsumura, LP at Pantera Capital (c.$100M ICO-only fund), joined the Blockchain Economic Forum in Singapore.

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We're happy to welcome new speakers of the Blockchain Economic Forum in Singapore on Feb 4-6:
• Kariya Mike Kayamori, Co-founder and CEO of QUOINE
• Victoria Silchenko, Founder at Metropole Capital group
• Peter Bergstrom, CEO at BitBlock Ventures, Lifetime Member at The Bitcoin Foundation
• Alexey Sidorov, Co-founder of Silkway Ventures and
• Karl Gray, Chairman and CEO at StartCOIN Holdings Limited, Founder at Global Mining Energy Fund
• Genping Liu, Partner at Vertex Ventures
• Pankajj P Ghode, Co-Founder and Chairman of Global Blockchain Foundation
• Ahmed Syed, Director for Digital Transformation at SAP, Government Blockchain Association Chapter President in Singapore
• Hayk Hakobyan, Partner at Reengine Ventures
• Lionel Artusio, Co-Founder at Dybaw Venture Capital AG and Venture Partner at BlackFin Capital Partners

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Slava Solodkiy is rated in TOP-40 most influential FinTech professionals by Institutional Investor magazine.

As a founder of Life.SREDA Asia VC, he has executed 20+ investments in the US, EU and Asia - including Simple, Moven, SumUp, Fidor Bank. Author of the The First Fintech Bank's Arrival book.

On BEF 2018, Slava will speak about Cash gateways and crypto friendly banks.
#BEF2018 #BEF2018_speakeroftheday
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The Blockchain Economic Forum in Singapore is on!

We started the Intradaction Day with speed networking and a nice walk with our speakers and selected guests.
We would like to thank all our subscribers for being a crucial part of BEF community and we are thrilled to announce the next BEF event in June.

The next Blockchain Economic Forum will be held in San Francisco on June, 16-20. The 4-day forum is focused on investments and the roadmap for transforming the global economy with the help of blockchain.

BEF SF will gather 2,000+ participants, including multi-billion dollar investors, influential media, highest-ranked politicians, outstanding scientists and leaders from the world of technology. The forum will host over 40 inspiring discussions on blockchain opportunities for strategic development of real sector companies, industry regulation, technology updates, as well as marketing and PR for blockchain and crypto startups.

Over 100 outstanding speakers already joined BEF SF, including:
-Tim Draper, Founder of Draper Associates and Draper University
-Joe Oliver, Canada’s former Minister of Finance (2014) and Minister of Natural Resources (2011)

We are happy to announce our special promo code BEFX40 for the BEF tickets for our supporters. Use the promo code on our website to get an exclusive 40% off the ticket price.
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Join our event’s community to ask any questions you have about BEF SF

Eva Kaili, the Member of European Parliament, will speak at BEF in San Francisco on a panel "Blockchain Economy Regulation: EU Perspective". On May 16th she prepared a resolution on adoption and use of the distributed ledger technology in the EU, which was accepted by the Parliament.

At BEF, Eva will talk about opportunities that DLT can bring to society, and how Education, Healthcare, Transport and other industries can benefit from the blockchain implementation.

Learn how DLT can save one trillion working hours by automating bureaucracy. Join BEF to hear governments and be heard by them.