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The reason I ask is because these are the results my recent KLR stars have achieved from just spending 30 minutes on social media every day.

They created about on average one content every week. Sometimes two. Yet they are enjoying these phenomenal sales results because...

(1) they understand how each social media platform works

(2) they have a clear strategy on how to turn a skeptical stranger into a paying customer within 7 days

I will be happy to teach you how to create the same results as well through three live webinars.

One for each platform.
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If you want the details to the three live sessions (dates, outline, fees), click on this link:

Let Ryan know which live session you are keen (FB, IG, LI, all) and he will get in touch with you.
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On Monday morning, I lost a mentee who died of a sudden heart attack. It came as a shock to many including myself because he has an active lifestyle. In fact, he was cycling with his friends on Sunday!

And sadly, there has been more and more cases of heart attacks along with cancer and stroke. I am sure you know of a few in your circle as well.

Turned out there are many factors that influences our longevity.

And if we are not careful, we could work ourselves to an early death. High achievers like yourself are most vulnerable!

This is why I invited my friend Dr Vuu later this morning at 11am (SG time) to share with you ways to build healthy habits that can lead to longevity.

He is going to cover five areas where you can help your body thrive.

For your health sake, join us!
Social Media Growth Hacks pinned «On Monday morning, I lost a mentee who died of a sudden heart attack. It came as a shock to many including myself because he has an active lifestyle. In fact, he was cycling with his friends on Sunday! And sadly, there has been more and more cases of heart…»
“How to live to a 100 years old” —> join me and Dr Vuu now!

• Genetics might load the gun but it’s lifestyle that pulls the trigger.
• What makes you have abundant health and longevity is the opposite of disease!
• You are your best medicine!

7 Things For Your Best Health:

1) Sleep:

• Regulates your hormones & your circadian rhythm
• Your brain also removes waste products in your sleep & is a great detoxifier
• 8 hours is best (if you can)
• Blue light blocker glasses can help to remove the blue light stimulation
• People are indoors too much, get some sunlight in your eyes when you wake up. It helps reset your circadian rhythm ☀️
• Having a good & similar daily morning & nighttime routine helps

2) Nutrition: 🍏

• Avoid eating late as your body isn’t able to properly digest the food and your blood sugar will remain high
• Fasting activates autopagy, your cells are eating your body’s waste products. It’s linked to longevity. The benefits kicks in around 16 hours.

3) Movement

4) Stress & emotions:

• They carry biochemicals that change the energy of your cells!
• Breaths activate your parasympathetic system, allows a creation of space
• Recognise all your emotional states of joy & happiness > positive happiness to your cells
• Negative emotions like anger, fear & hate cause stress that leads your cells to inflammation and disease (as your brain perceives it as danger)
• If you’re feeling stressed, try 10 deep breaths + the ACT method
• The ACT method:

• A: Having the awareness of a thought that might not be serving you (in that current moment)
• C: Choose the intention of that thought, how do I want to be and behave?
• T: Taking action in accordance with that new intention you have

5) Thoughts & mindset:

• They are the filter that is going to determine how you feel
• Your thoughts lead to your emotions & influence your stress hormones
• One positive affirmation: I am not my emotions or thoughts
• It’s all about progress, not perfection

6) Relationships:

• Are you holding resentment and anger in general?
• Positive relationships will influence your biochemical signals will positively impact your cells
• You are so lucky to be alive, put some perspective on what you’re stressed about

7) Purpose

Q: Some get fainting spells if they skip breakfast?
A: your body might need to have food earlier int he day. You can shift the time period

Q: What is one thing we can start doing right now to increase longevity?
A: Come up on one thing on each of the 7 areas & start with the easiest thing!

• 'Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In that response lies our freedom and growth.' - Viktor Frankl
• You don’t want to sacrifice your health for success - Dalai Lama
• Your happiness is correlated to your habits and choices
• You can try using a continuous glucose monitor. Helps to monitor your blood sugar

Ask Eric Live Ep 48: On Personal Branding & Customer Acquisition

Tonight, I will be answering questions from two KLR stars Tristan (from network marketing) and Suvina (from insurance). Join us if you have similar questions like them.

1. I have two business objectives: promote myself and promote my products. How do I balance between both?

2. I have defined my dream customer profile but how will they exactly find me or how will I find them?

3. I struggle in content creation and will like to hire a social media manager. Is that a good move? And what criteria should I look at in a social media manager to create high quality content?

4. I have strong interest in metaphysics and spirituality. But how do I leverage on this interest to create sales opportunity for insurance?

5. I have been posting content on money mindset in my country. But I end up attracting insurance agents and people who want to sell me their products and services. How to rectify this?

6. About 50% of my telegram subscribers aren't active. How do I gain more subscribers and how do I make those who subscribe to me reach out to me for a potential sales conversation?

Hit the "Get reminded" button in the post below so that when we go live, you will be notified. ->
Not enough sales appts or can’t seem to close sales? Join me on FB now, I’ll help you!