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Forwarded from CodeMonkeyZ
Vaxed people:
Can still get covid.
Can still spread covid.
Can still die from covid.
Can potentially die from the vaccine.

Unvaxed people:
Can still get covid.
Can still spread covid.
Can still die from covid.
Cannot die from the vaccine.
> People get the flu.
> People die of the flu.
> People get the flu shot.
> A new strain appears every flu season.
> People get the new flu shot every year.
> People still die of the flu.
> Globalists make billions.
> Annual "naturally occurring" depopulation.
> Rinse and repeat, plan bigger for a future fear event.
> An outsider gets into the White House.
> The outsider wakes up America.
> Globalists feel threatened.
> They divise a plan to speed up the Great Reset.
> Kill two birds with one stone and use to rig election.
> Influenza isn't scary enough for a fear campaign.
> Covid-19 is created and released by CCP.
> Intentional rapid spread to the rest of the world.
> Influenza disappears.
> PCR tests are rigged to massively inflate infections.
> CDC used "died WITH Covid" to inflate death toll 94%.
> MSM and Big Tech are deployed against the world.
> Used to fuel fear and divisiveness.
> Used to demonize Trump and spread lies.
> Used to install fraudulent foreign puppet as president.
> Used to demonize Covid treatment and push vaccines.
> Used to smear any attempt at proving election fraud.
> Used to silence any and all opposing viewpoints.
> Used to silence POTUS.

> Vaccines clearly don't work, people are noticing.
> 2020 election was clearly stolen, people are noticing.
> Fauci+CCP created a bio-weapon, people are noticing.
> Biden=laughing stock of the world, people are noticing.
> Border, inflation, cyber attacks...people are noticing.
> Biden using communist playbook, people are noticing.
> Biden is mentally incompetent, people are noticing.

> Biden admin labels Trump supporters as "terrorists".
> Biden admin threatens Americans with nukes.
> Biden admin plans door to door vaccine checks.
> Biden admin labels the non-vaccinated as killers.




Our future is at stake.

A moment in time that will live on forever.

Win at all costs.

God Bless you all.

God Bless America
Leave it to a DEMOCRAT to introduce a Bill that would utterly shred our First Amendment rights. COLORADO DEMOCRAT Senator Kerry Donovan has introduced SB21-132 that will fine website owners $5,000 PER DAY if they do not register with the State so that the State can then investigate ALL OF A WEB OWNER’S CONTENT and (presumably) fine the web owners or jail them if “unapproved” content is shown on the website. WOW. Just wow.
Marjorie says, “On Sunday, May 7th, 12 days after his vaccine, he was extremely lethargic and febrile with a temp of 102.2. I’d seen him with higher fevers but he’d never been this lethargic. I dosed him with Tylenol once during the day, which broke his fever, and then a dose of Motrin at bedtime. Monday morning he woke up 100 percent fine and remained well. “As I walked over to his crib, I found my beautiful son Nicholas on his belly with his knees bent in towards his chest, his head was slightly tilted to the left and when I picked him up, I quickly realized he was gone: he was so cold, blue and mottled. As a nurse, I knew he had been gone for a while and there was no chance of reviving him.”
Forwarded from Jordan Sather
All announced just today 👇

➡️ PayPal working with the ADL to "uncover and disrupt financial pipelines that support extremists and hate"

➡️ Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, YouTube, and other Big Tech companies will now add content to a shared counterterrorism "key database," aiming to crack down on material from "white supremacists and far-right militias"

➡️ China launches a six-month "special campaign" to regulate its internet sector and to crack down on "malicious internet company practices"

My, what a coincidence.... 🤔

Make sure you have back ups for your back ups, folks.
Forwarded from MelQ 🐸 (Mel Q)
I think we’re discovering [their] African trade route. A Silk Road Waterway using the Red Cross. And Sierra Leone‘s diamonds are on the way as the route ends at the Huma boats.
Science teacher and author, Kent Heckenlively, was granted access to this unprecedented trove of documents and uses them, as well as ground-breaking interviews with any of the key players in this debate, to tell the story of how vaccines have become a thirty-year disaster since passage of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act which gave pharmaceutical companies complete immunity for damages caused by their products.
People are waking up - look at the down votes. In this report: the vaccinated spread COVID. Well, duh, dumbasses.
Learn more about natural immunity, vaccination, high dose vitamin C, and more in this educational video:
Forwarded from Praying Medic (Dave Hayes)
If Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Arizona found fraud or malfeasance to the extent that Joe Biden's margins of victory in those states would be overcome, and the November outcome called into question, those states could decertify their Biden electors.

If they did, Joe Biden's electoral vote count (on paper) would drop to 265, leaving him short of the 270 needed to win.

Would Congress convene a special session and consider changing the electoral vote count?

It is impossible to tell at this point what, if any, mechanism exists to reverse the outcome of the presidential election.

"Let's see what happens."
Forwarded from IET 17 (IET)
What’s funny about all of this is I was an atheist for a decade, really 11 years, following the death of my mother who spent the previous 7 years breaking her back to work two jobs while going to school to become a minister. She was diagnosed with cancer 3 weeks after graduating. She died 3 years later when I was 17, just before my senior year in high school.

I made fun of people who went to church, sang Christian songs, and did Christian things- laughed even.

Those were the hardest 11 years of my life. And in year 11 I decided the only thing I hadn’t tried to get myself out of the massive hole I was in was God/Jesus and I felt God, my mom, and my then gf, now wife, urging me to do it through whispers in my mind.

I did. Then I found true evil when I learned about Epstein island in 2016 on 4chan. Then I was there when Q showed up. Then I found out alllllllll the rest of it and I learned so much more about evil than I ever cared to know. For 5 years straight I was digging into it every single day- couldn’t help it. Scared me good tho. I felt convicted to spread the truth online about the evil of this world, like I owed it in repayment for the sinful way I lived, and I reverse engineered all of it to know about God/Jesus. It took me all this time to come full circle, read the Bible for myself, and I finally fully converted to a “Jesus Freak” just recently despite having chosen God’s side years ago.

Now, after all this, only one thing matters- people MUST know about God/Jesus, your soul’s eternity depends on it.

In case you haven’t been paying attention- we are getting close to the end and it’s all being played out as foretold in the Bible.

Everything that was written true then is still true today - same people, same war, same strategies, all hidden from public view, kept secret from us, but it’s boiling over onto the surface for all to see now.

So why the sudden change of heart posting ?

☝🏼 That’s why.
This was ALWAYS the plan AND the Democrats said they want ALL BUSINESSES to do the same. Remember the HHS Healthy People 2020 Plan? That PLAN was to mandate vaccines in the workplace. The Deep State has been planning this for a VERY LONG TIME.
The power was out this morning for many hours. It just went out again. Unusual.