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I have no insider info at all, but let me know if anyone needs anything explained about what was presented at the AZ hearing today, and I will do my best!
I am new to this format of communicating with so many people but I really like having the talks with you all and reading your insights! Thank you for sharing with me!!
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So then those counties where voters exceeded the total of registered voters just really screwed up?
To Julia H above 👆🏻Yes! I am having trouble linking the picture - will learn - but look at this picture. That is SC. You can see that they removed over 2500 votes from 11/7-11/11, and they removed them so it didn't change the ratio of the votes of Trump/Biden....This is pretty typical of what I am seeing in all the states.
In reading the comments to the previous post, these are the reported numbers. Everyone should be questioning these reductions, but no one looked for them before. Here is the SC website with the reported data that you can look at for confirmation: and you can see the time series entries in there that show the reductions. Just do a ctrl-f search for one of these total vote numbers and it will jump you to that section. Just understand it is in almost every state, not just SC.
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I am sooo excited!!!! Some wonderful ladies from different states have been in touch with me to take the analysis that I did for their state and make it targeted in their own way to explain to their state legislatures!! They have given me permission to share them here: South Carolina
This amazing lady has a blog that she writes in ND. I hope she get a media pass to Mike Lindell's cyber symposium in SD to report on that!!!
I did not make any of these but am providing my data to the individual state audit channels ❤️ I do need to go back and calculate higher precision coefficients for the 6th order polynomial so that they all work out better!! Some states will have a little error right now - working on fixing that!!
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Look at the pinned picture that I have in this chat showing the national key curve. This curve was step one in this part of the setup. Someone calculated the curve and then ordered the states in that order to get the electoral college split that is planned. Then count from left to your state by whole numbers starting with WY=1. So - Ohio is in position 23. If you plug in 23 into that function at the top of the plot in place of x, you get 116.8%, which is the 117% setpoint that the Ohio ratio settled into during the election "count"
I'll post them here as I get the states plotted. If you scroll up in this channel's history, I have a few of posted - they might make a little more sense now - and after reading these! You will understand better the shapes settling into the pre-determined setpoints.
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Your wish is my command. Michigan shows the shift to the new setpoint after FL's call for Trump.
Anyone who wishes to replicate my work and check it - I welcome that! I'll put a tutorial-ish here as soon as I have a few minutes.
Another note! These are all my conclusions based on the officially reported numbers. I do not have any proof - yet - of the actual manipulation. However, I am hoping that the story that the data is telling me and that I am passing on to you will be verified by the hard work of people performing the forensic audits. This type of data analysis will lead to corroboration or additional explanation of what they find.
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Predicting the ballot demographics for all Minnesota counties, starting from the registration database.
"Is My Secretary of State Complicit in the Fraud?"

I was speaking recently with a state legislator who had just taken the red pill.

They were angry and sad to discover what is happening in their state and in our country, and are joining other legislators around the county to address the issue.

As a state legislator, they are legally entitled to examine the state voting records, but are being denied access by the SoS. And as we are now seeing in multiple states, the SoS office is now declining all requests to view the voter databases, despite the fact that it is public information that they are legally required to provide.

Because we figured out the steal.

Now, across the country SoS offices are CYA. Pay attention to who is hunkering down, and who is encouraging transparency.

Essentially, we know from the PCAP data that every state and county was hacked. Is that necessarily the fault of the SoS? No. If they own up to their vulnerabilities and admit they were hacked, they could be heroes of election reform.

Where are these Secretary of State heroes?

Seems to me if they are hunkering down, they must be hiding something.

And we know what it is.