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I have just publicly made this channel available, it will serve as a replacement to the old "kuz.lol" website, which was seldom used, and very hard to update.
There was an outage for all of KolymaNET for about 1 hour this morning. This was caused by our services provider having an outage. Everything should be back online now.
They key to having good fashion in any situation seems to be to wear clothes that fit well. Its a simple answer to whats normally a big question.
I greatly admire Samsung's business model, they are a "big tech" company that is rarely talked about in light of big western companies such as Facebook, Google, or Apple. They have almost become one of the defining parts of the South Korean identity, and that company is a national pride to its residents. Their willingness to diversify into nearly every possible industry, to a degree which even outpaces infamous companies such as Google, is impressive.

For example, I recently learned that they are one of the largest producers of shipping vessels in world. They also produce military technology and cars. Not to mention home appliances, and of course their phones and computers. They even played a large part in the construction of the Burj Khalifa.

Samsung's approach to problems like intellectual property theft are much more advisable than the brutish and hard-headed manner some western or Russian companies often take things.

We can learn from their wise decisions.
It is greatly disappointing to me that the government of the United States has chosen the route of silencing and imprisoning journalists. When I came to the US in 2014, it was partly to escape that crushing censorship, and now, its here as well.

The most depressing cyber attack this year is in my opinion the epik hack. On 13 September, the free-speech promoting domain registrar "Epik" was targeted by the "Anonymous" hacking collective, this attack leaked virtually all the data Epik stored, and unfortunately, most of it was unencrypted. The motive for the attack was allgedly because of the sites willingness to host for right wing individuals, QAnon websites, information about Ivermectin, conspiracy theory websites, etc.

A page was created by the hackers after the attack, in which they stated their reasons and the data they collected, while trying to cram in as many dead and unfunny memes as possible. They mocked Rob Monster, the owner of Epik, for failing to maintain basic security practices, and suggested that it was the fault of "Russian Developers". The political tone and outdated terminology of the page reads like a FBI field team trying to relate to the youth.

The attackers, who have infamously championed a rebellious attitude, and have typically been anti-authority, have just shown themselves to be great tools to the growing censorship apparatus of the state. In their rush to shut down the domains Epik provided, they also targeted countless innocent people who were using Epik. To imply that all of Epiks millions of customers are "Nazis and fascists" is silly, but I'm sure that targeting hundreds of thousands of peoples businesses and websites will definitely get them to join your cause, in your crusade against thoughtcriminals.

In any case, they did manage to hit their intended target, even with huge collateral damage; Anti-Government activists. Epik, although flawed in many ways, was a fascinating company, and one of just a small handful of "Alt-tech" companies. To see this state-sponsored attack be supported by actual hacktivists is dissapointing. It would be in theirs, and Epiks best true interests if they would set aside their political differences for their disdain for mass censorship and surveillance, but, in the end, the hacktivists cheered and clapped as the ball was thrown back into Facebook and Googles court, and as a dying generation of liberty supporting companies withered, all over disagreements about covid medicine and abortion.

Let this be an example of how the government divides us, and uses worthless issues to disrupt healthy public intercourse, while they quietly work in the shadows to snuff out freedom.