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In this channel you'll find information about the (restoration) history of the famous sailing boat "Kriter" and the newest updates on her present journey (website: www.kriter.tv)
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Sailing with us in 2023 ⛵️

🇬🇧 Above is the price list for sailing this year on
⭐️KRITER⭐️ . You can find the information also on our website: https://kriter.tv/prices-2/
Please contact us for more information or special requests 😊

🇮🇹 Qui sopra trovate il listino per navigare quest'anno con
⭐️KRITER⭐️. Troverete le informazioni anche su: https://kriter.tv/prices-2/
Contattateci per ulteriori informazioni o richieste particolari 😊

🇫🇷 Ci-dessus vous trouverez la grille tarifaire pour naviguer cette année avec
⭐️KRITER⭐️. Vous trouverez les informations également sur : https://kriter.tv/prices-2/
Contactez-nous pour plus d'informations ou demandes spéciales 😊

🇩🇪 Hier die Preisliste für die diesjährigen Segeltörns mit
⭐️KRITER⭐️. Informationen findet ihr auch auf: https://kriter.tv/prices-2/
Für mehr Informationen oder spezielle Anfragen meldet euch direkt bei uns 😊
🇬🇧January 12th a future salty dog landed on planet earth and embarked on Kriter ❤️

🇮🇹 Il 12 gennaio un futuro lupo di mare è atterrato sul pianeta Terra e si è voluto imbarcare su Kriter ❤️

🇫🇷 Le 12 janvier un futur loup de mer débarque sur la planète terre et embarque sur Kriter ❤️

🇩🇪 Am 12. Januar landete ein kleiner zukünftiger Seebär auf der Erde und hat sich auf Kriter eingeschifft ❤️
His name is Amos Zeno 💫
Amos' first navigation ⛵️
Santa Eulalia - Talamanca
Kriter's mutlifunctional engine room... 😅
#History 7️⃣
But Kriter is far from being ready for the start of the race. Masts and sails still have to be put in place and many details have to be checked. Eventually at the end of June, she is ready for her first cruise from Royan to Honfleur. The crew is not satisfied with her performance and changes are required that will make the boat lighter and easier to handle for the conditions she will have to face on the open sea during the race.

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Heading back to Sardinia ⛵️❤️

First leg: Santa Eulalia - Palma de Mallorca
Anchored in Palmanova, Mallorca.⚓️
Palma de Mallorca - Cala d'Or ⛵️
Passing the most famous three-masted boat of the world: CREOLE
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music: Chris Haugen - Fractal of Light
From Cala D'Or Mallorca, to Mahò, Menorca. 🐬