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Channel name was changed to «KingCoin ANN OFFICIAL»
Channel name was changed to «KingsCoin ANN OFFICIAL»
Hello Community!!

We at KingsCoin care of our community TRUST as the most valuable asset we have.
In order to assure the most transparent Pre-Sale we have partnered with CRYPTO-BRIDGE to handle the presale process.
All presale funds will be held in custody from Crypto-Bridge and will be strictly and immediately applied for payin the listing fee, we have built a discord channel will all details.

Also please be advised that since we want everyone have the same chance, a fair start Algo is in place which will allow all masternode holders to start even when rewards will come.
📣After an intense meeting with our Core Team earlier today we have decided to give our community the benefits to own a Masternode with an affordable price at a Fixed 0.25BTC without any tiers until we are listed in CB and we are also giving away from our premined 5000kgs for every purchase of one MASTERNODE as an appreciation to our KGS Investors.

We are excited again to have Crypto-Bridge in collecting the assets for the upcoming listing. For reservation please deposit to Crypto-Bridge Locked Wallet FOR OUR LISTING 3HKosjmfqGcA4K2YihTJcm27YmxybU43T3 Please DM@FOUNDER(paulsmith#0243)📣🚀
@everyone The new wallets are out, please be sure to download them here:

Before you run the new wallet, make sure you delete or move your old kingscoin folder out of %Appdata% (Roaming folder), as the new wallet will want to install there. Or you can install the new wallet elsewhere.

Masternode guide is here:

All you need to do is connect to your VPS after sending your coins to yourself and getting your genkey and outputs, and then run this command on the VPS:

bash <( curl )

In your local wallet config, be sure to add the following nodes:


Also, be sure to add checkblocks=2, this ensures that the wallet syncs quicker and fixes database errors which occur when there are not enough blocks in your local folder.

Please ask us if you have any questions, and be sure to send your new addresses to @CEO ASAP so he can start sending your new balances! KGS
Dear KGS Community, we have successfully launched our #kingscoin new chain and merged with #lexium project. Next milestone is getting listed in a decent exchange. Stay tuned!
Dear KGS Community, another milestone is set for us. Go, go, go KGS all the way. Wait further for more exciting news coming up ahead. Enjoying your weekend, enjoy chart