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Hello everyone, and welcome to K.im official announcement channel.

This channel (https://t.me/kimcoin_announcements) and the https://t.me/kimcoinofficial chat are the only official sources of K.im project announcements.

Here are the highlights of our Q1 product development:

I. We've tested Lightning Network nodes both for own payments and when acting as a relay. Beginning work this month on the full design and implementation of it. The Lightning Network was chosen as the first economic way to handle micropayments for content from Bitcoin. Ethereum payment channels are an alternative later on.

II. We are writing our Smart Contract ready for the Airdrop. These contracts control the way the Kimcoins are distributed.
Our Kim Payment App (formerly known as Bitcache App) is shaping up and will contain the user’s wallet with the credentials for using Lightning Network and any other blockchain that the App supports.

III. For the K.IM Content Management Platform we have prototyped and tested:
1. Encrypted content upload
2. Generating publishable links
3. Ability to showcase content file with name, size with decryption using publisher key. While any file information to create a widget is made available via the KIM API, the (web) widget itself will be developed during the web development phase.
4. Dual-decrypted streaming downloads.
5. File management of uploaded content into organised folders.
6. Obtain the unique decryption keys for each downloader which will form the basis of recording sales when the payment platform is fully integrated with the publishing platform

See more details on these features in our whitepaper that is already live: http://k.im/docs/whitepaper.pdf

And also check out our onepager:
*ATTENTION: K.im Family, our Token sale has not even started yet. Please, beware of SCAMMERS! Please, take not that ADMINS or SUPPORT group will never PM you to solicit your hard earned BTC or ETH. Please, do not fall for this scam. Always look for an Admin tag. Scammers usually copy our Profile photos and they create a very identical username that what Admins are using. Or, they pretend as part of our team. Please, report it to us, we have zero tolerance for this. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!*
Hey guys! Here's an update from the development team.

During April, our development team has been working on the platform pricing features to enable a range of content monetisation options:

🔹 Free downloads for new customers who want to try the platform for free without the K.im Payment Wallet - ideal for growing adoption with publisher promotions.

🔹 Content pricing management that allows content to be priced in micro amounts.

More news to come so please stay tuned!
The product development team has been super busy these last few weeks with the R&D for :

Defining the API use cases and prototyping them to cater for various publishing and payment requests across the ecosystem
Prototyping a frictionless and private client-side browser extension for Chrome that can handle multi-currency wallets for Lightning and ERC20
Experimenting with different methods of authenticating whether third party content is eligible to receive tips, to prevent revenue theft
Assessing additional skills required for post funding development programme
Hello everyone! Here's an update from the development team.

The tech team worked on a Browser Extension proof-of-concept. Thanks to the [WebExtension Api](https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/Add-ons/WebExtensions) that has support for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and all Chromium based browsers, we will be able to target nearly 80% desktop browsers with a common codebase at launch.
Development update guys!

We continued working on the feature specification for the tipping system. We have identified different user identity mechanisms in order to prevent tipping fraud. We are still discussing which mechanism we will use.

The team is dedicated to build a best in-class product and it improves every day. Newcomers learn every day and are highly motivated, as are the rest of team.

Thanks for joining us on this exciting journey.
🚩🚩🚩Here is the new Development Update for 16th of July!🚩🚩🚩

1. The team is working on maximising payouts output velocity. Our goal is to enable publishers to receive money as quickly as possible through off-chain payment channels without needing users to be always online. A large R&D effort is ongoing on that matter.
2. A lot of internal and external APIs are nearing completion. We reviewed implementation and security details. Security and privacy are paramount to us. Some APIs will be public and we strive for them to be perfect.
3. As one of our goals is to push cryptocurrencies to the mainstream, we have been iterating the design of features and user experience so everyone can benefit. We are working hard to minimise our time to market for a compelling product once the Token Generation Event is launched.
Great day, K.IM Family,

Here is a project update that we would like to share with you. As you have noticed, our work on the project is taking longer than you might have expected. Our team is working hard to adapt the product strategy and organisation structure to changing corporate compliance requirements (like KYC/AML regulations) and the fast evolving cryptocurrency and TGE environment. Globally, any attempt of being compliant with a worldwide product and TGE must meet hundreds of laws and regulations from different countries. Recently, the team has been sourcing a marketing communications company that could have the right skills and experience for the K.im project. Thank you for your trust and patience, we are working hard to provide as many customers as possible with a wonderful product.
Hi all. We are in the process of investor presentations and negotiations through a period of of private sale. This funding will enable us to complete a Minimum Viable Product in 2019 and grow the public support through campaigns. An initial private sale should generate a faster funded route to market to help everyone benefit sooner.

Some investors have requirements that alter our roadmap and these take time to assess the impact of. We will update you again soon. In terms of development, we are very near releasing our double encryption modules for a "Battle Royal" style security test.

Thanks for your continued support!
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