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We offer support for all on the shamanic/spiritual path, including talking stick & drumming circles, shamanic & crystal healing, Munay-Ki rites, spiritual coaching, Tarot, Bach Flower Remedies, and more: (UK based)
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Forwarded from Heart Warrior Herbs
Stunning woodland walks this morning, in a place the trees speak to you and you can feel their roots in the depths of the earth.
Forwarded from Heart Warrior Herbs
Yearly Lemon Balm harvest, part one. This is probably enough for our little family for about six months. But there will be one or two more rounds of collecting over the spring and summer - I try to gather enough for a year. Lemon Balm is great for nervousness, anxiety; helping you relax, find calm; also used for colds and allergens/hayfever - it’s easy to research it; lots of info online. Kids can drink it easily because it tastes so nice. (Avoid if on thyroid medication.) It’s just a beautiful herb to have in the house for tea. We all adore it.

*info above is for educational purposes - not given medically

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There is a cat amongst the angels.
(Anything with feathers 🙄😆)
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I bottled up a small bottle of Lemon Balm tincture the other day for someone who was highly anxious about an upcoming event and needed to be calm and sleep well the night before. I heard it helped. 💚🌱

This beautiful plant pulls you back into your heart and lifts it up, reminding you of the lighter side of life and that everything works out in the end.

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Aside from a blip during childbirth, I haven’t been to the doctor in over 20 years. Since I started learning about herbal medicines in 2002, they became my pharmacopeia. Any hint of a cold, I turned to herbs, and it’s true that prevention is important - if you live with awareness, you can feel how your body is connected to your emotional rythmns, so you also treat the emotions (with flower, energy, and talking therapies), to prevent dis-ease and physical illness from taking root.

Now that I’m well into my 40s, there is also the awareness I heal just a bit more slowly ... or differently. My body’s natural rythmns demand that I slow down a bit and “tune in” in a different way to upkeep optimum health. This is natural. The herbs also excel at helping this process.

Herbalists can be self-taught; academically taught; taught through inherited knowledge - there is currently no one way to herbalism. (Nor should there be. Imagine the vast body of knowledge we would lose - all handed over to some political or money-orientated, government-controlled regulatory body - if there was.)

I qualified in herbalism and other natural medicines, over 20 years, so I could offer you the same opportunity I had to discover the wonderful power of herbs; so you could also avoid the doctor, certainly for over-the-counter meds and things easily overcome. Chronic conditions can be treated well, too, but it does require a bit of courage and often life-style change, too.

• Any cold, fever, or virus I’ve had - herbs.
• Any bacterial infection - wash it well, essential oils and herbs.
• Any cuts and scrapes - wash it well, essential oils and herbs.
• Bursitis in my knees - exercise, losing weight, and herbs.
• Exhaustion when walking fast - exercise, losing weight, and herbs
• Swollen glands (often hormonal/cyclical) and any menstrual issues - homoeopathy and herbs
• Hayfever - Herbs, and cut out all dairy
• Low moods and brain fog - flower essences, herbs, and self-coaching (what in my life isn’t working that I need to change, then change it)
• Depression - for me, depressive states means a suppression of expression, so I take flower essences to help me express and then change elements of my life to allow that expression (depression does differ for people and serious cases need further investigation and the consideration of unhealed trauma, but i have found many cases are often to do with suppression of expression)

Get sunshine, eat fresh foods that are grown in earth-soil, reduce or cut out refined sugars, walk briskly at least 30 mins daily, stretch your muscles daily (literally use stretching exercises or a practice like Yoga/Tai Chi), and connect spiritually daily. All these things go a long way to warding off imbalances and illnesses.

And herbs support all the above 🌱 The earth gives.

Herbal medicine:
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Two of cups
Love, new romance, lasting romance, solid partnership, meaningful relationship/friendship, harmony and balance within love.

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Forwarded from Heart Warrior Herbs
Five witch bottle amulets - does this remind you of a Tarot card?
🌿🌟 Magical Herbalism is when you activate the spirit or energy of the plant and utilise that energy in a vibrational way to help you with a task. It is a form of energy healing, as is spell-working, prayer, and mastering the use of intent.

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👆If they had sailed to the North Americas, they would almost certainly have sailed to the South. And we know a story of a red-haired “god” the Aztec and Toltec cultures revered.
Had a lovely Summer Solstice Gathering and Ceremony this morning ☀️ Happy Solstice, everyone! xx
July’s low-cost Herbal Clinic is now on Wednesday, 27th July (moved from Thursday 28th).

Low-Cost Herbal Clinic is a great way to try herbal medicine and also a great way to have regular sessions (one a month) if you are feeling the twang of the purse strings. From just £20 per full consultation 👉
Have you wanted to learn about the roots of shamanism, but didn’t know where to start, or how it applies to every day modern life? Or perhaps you want to talk about spiritual or extraordinary phenomena you’ve experienced with like-minded people? We are starting a brand new Heart Warrior’s Circle on the last Friday of every month, starting July! 10am to midday in Bedhampton nr Havant. Come and enjoy tea and chats. Many things are discussed, no one’s experiences are judged, and we often end on a meditation / visualisation.

Please email or phone Dianna on 07737 148900 for more details and to book.