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Forwarded from Alebel Desta
Yesterday, June 19th, a TedxAddisKetema @tedxaddisk session titled "What Lies Ahead” was held at the Ethiopian Economic Association. One of the speakers was Architect Zeleke Belay, who shared his design thinking and briefly explained a handful of his climate-responsive designs in Addis Ababa and Hawassa, drawing a link between his Finnish school days and their climate-related thinking. Congratulations, Zeleke; I’m fortunate enough to be present during your fascinating speech; thank you for enlightening us all.
Churchill Avenue Trash Bins Analysis

The Newly Installed Trash Bins Status Analysis on Churchill Avenue is conducted out of the need to understand the full scale of the damage on the trash bins while aspiring, on the bigger scale, to drive data-centered understandings, research, and conversations regarding the city, Addis Ababa, and its urban environment.

The 39th architects ወርሃዊ session is back with an interesting event on Thursday July 14, 2022.

We have prepared for you a session around a research paper titled "Urbanist-Contextualist building form design theory by Dr. Heyaw Terefe" at the newly completed Ambassador Mall (Next to Abrehot Library).

Come and meet friends, build your network!

See you all on Thursday for architects ወርሃዊ .
Construction works for the first 10 nEs schools will commence on May 2022. AEA Attracted over 40 member consulting firms and 150 individual members who expressed interest to volunteer their services in the New Ethiopia Schools Reconstruction Project at different capacities.

The New Ethiopia Schools (.nEs.) Project is a flagship initiative of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia’s Ministry of Education set up to respond to the destruction on the education infrastructure caused as a result of the conflict in Northern Ethiopia. The Ministry signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Association of Ethiopian Architects to mobilize its volunteering members to give probono design services for its Post-Conflict Reconstruction efforts.

AEA celebrates 30 years
of perseverance on the
22nd Annual Convention
& Exhibition

Saturday, 23rd July, 2022

Do Not Miss!
Ambassador Mall,
Addis Ababa

AEA JOURNAL vol. 22, July 2022.pdf
7.4 MB
The 22nd Annual Convention & Exhibition of the Association of Ethiopian Architects is in its afternoon proceeding after electing the incoming Executive Committee for the term 2022-2025.

Congratulations to the incoming Executive Committee!

For those who've missed the assembly here is a copy of the 22nd volume of the AEA annual journal.
Hello there!

Since the cradle of human existence, culture and architecture have been the two intertwined concepts in shaping and influencing collective and individual identities, and vice versa. Similarly, culture is influenced by food, which is one of the great connectors of people across geographies as well as generations.

Our cover story explores a restaurant building by the well renowned Ethiopian food eatery Kategna, designed by Betlembosa Studio and situated at the recently opened Entoto park on the hill tops of northern Addis Ababa.

Check it out! 👇

MAY • JUNE • 2022

Printed versions available at:

Abrehot Library
The Urban Center
Tomoca Coffee (all branches)
Gelani Coffee, Dumerso Coffee
Kebena House, Zoma Museum
And more destinations

Forwarded from Kebena House
Kebena House Charrette
Kebena House Charrette is happening this Friday and Saturday at Kebena House on the topic of designing a youth center. The open and closing ceremony are open to public hence we are inviting you to register to secure your seat in this one of a kind program.

Registration link

For registration and more information:
Skill Enhancement training and knowledge sharing session on

"Geotechnical Investigation and Excavation Support for Building Construction"

Free event with refreshment.
Registration is Mandatory.
To register use the link below:

or Scan the QR Code.

Saturday, Morning
Aug 27, 2022
08:30 am - 12:30 pm

The Urban Center | @TheUrbanCenter
In Front of St.Estifanos Church, Next to OiLibya Gas Station, Women federation building ground floor, behind Mega Book Store.

#Construction #Excavation #Soil_Investigation #Solutions #Bridgesprogramme #TUC #TheUrbanCenter #AddisAbeba #Ethiopia
Forwarded from Kebena House
Design charrette

The closing program will be open for public.
If you wished you were part of this one of a kind program, then you are in luck. You can attend the closing program for presentation, closing speech and networking.

Register via

For registration and more information:
Happy New Year!

We trust 2015 will truly be the genesis of our country's peace and prosperity.

This Ethiopian year, Ketema is compelled to look back on one of the purest epitomes of architecture in our city, Stairs. Meticulously designed by the seasoned and prolific starchitect (star architect) Zeleke Belay, stairs symbolize the dawn of contemporary architecture in Ethiopia.

On top of that Zeleke shared with us his recent experience of a record volume of concrete casted at a time, to a raft foundation for a high-rise building at Mexico square that his firm obtained in an architectural competition held in 2019.

Here is the link! 👇

JULY • AUGUST • 2022

Printed versions available at:

Abrehot Library
The Urban Center
Tomoca Coffee (all branches)
Gelani Coffee, Dumerso Coffee
Kebena House, Zoma Museum
And more destinations

ለ2015 ደመራ በዓል የሚዘጉ የአዲስ አበባ መንገዶች ፤ መስከረም 16 ቀን 2015 ዓ.ም

The 38th session of Architect’s ወርሃዊ was held at Addis Hall, in front of Meskel Square with the title "Revamping Sheger" to announce the result of the concept competition organized by LBDC where two teams of multidisciplinary professionals presented their concept design proposal to the public.

Check out the summary by Tinsae.

Product Design and the Local Economy

For the past few years, inflation – majorly caused by the escalating import dependency against the shortage of the dollar – has become an immense challenge for the government, businesses, and end users. No where is it more evident than in the construction and building sector. In fact, after construction was halted in early august, architects and designers had begun focusing on interior design as a viable income option.

Check out the full article:

The 1st Monday in October is #worldarchitectureday!

Today we celebrate globally architects who build for human dignity and wellbeing.

#WAD2K22 #UIA #AUA #AEA #Ethiopia
AW is back with its 40th session on Thursday 06 October, 2022 to celebrate its 4th year anniversary, World architecture day and so much more at The Urban Center.

RSVP on the Google Form attached to attend.

Come and meet friends, build your network!