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Curated resources for those passionate about bodily sovereignty, health freedom, and embracing the body’s innate healing capacity. A Mind of Your Own, Own Your Self, and A Time for Rain. Founder:Vital Mind Reset and Vital Life Project.
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If you downloaded my free Learning to Love ebook you know that I’ve been exploring how we get in the way of our own capacity to intimately connect with others. 

We feel so-called negative feelings when we are disconnected from our own inner channel, from our own creative power, and from the benevolence of this human experience. 

It hurts because it must. Because the hurting is the indication that we are off course. 

Did you know that to “sin” means to miss the mark?

When we miss the mark, we are called back to the path, inspired by the absence of what we long for to move in the direction of desire.

And there’s a liminal space between knowing and feeling what is wanted and having the nervous system capacity to hold expansive emotions, to feel that love and connection is safe, and to shed the habits of struggle.

It’s a tender space and in that space we may feel the grief of all of the moments we weren’t ready to love, and that’s a part of the alchemy on the way home to ourselves…

…only then can we offer love to another in sovereignty and self-possession. Love that isn’t transactional, manipulative, or conditional. Love that is true… ❤️
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All is well AND it’s getting better…

Right now your imagination for the desired future is probably filtered through your current consciousness.

Coated with ideas + paradigms + preferences you still hold.

Complete surrender to the belief in Self is where your true power lies and where the real alchemy happens. Trusting that a deep part of you has the wheel…

Your tightly wound preferences about when and how you want it, and how it should look is strangling you, and rendering that surrender impossible.

Surrender to what wants to come through you. Surrender to the benevolence of the universe rather than exhausting your own egoic will that results in gripping, grasping, manipulating and controlling things + people in order to achieve a certain outcome.

The truth is, the unfoldment is always so much more magical + interesting than anything we could have conjured up on our own…
I wrote two books called A Mind of Your Own and Own Your Self which detail the first steps to take in changing your life and ending your suffering, but there's only so far you can go when it comes to meeting your own emotional needs...

We are meant to engage relationally and to discover the disavowed parts of us in our attraction to and rejection of others.

In short, we are designed for relationship...

So how come so few of us are happily relating?

In my online class, Relationship Real Talk, I offer support for those whose relationships are up for review and desiring to experience more fulfillment in partnership.
Forwarded from Anami Sacred Samurais
Forwarded from Anami Sacred Samurais
In this no-holds-barred video tackling the Roe v Wade psyop, I deliver the goods on:

- Natural birth control 
- The ludicrousness of having a 95-97.5% elective abortion rate, which tells us that most women have no idea how their reproductive systems work
- The dark history of OB/GYNs and why I would never send a woman to one. Plus, what I suggest as alternative care. 
- The power of self-responsibility and self-governance in all things: especially your vagina 
- Some great crowd-sourced questions about healing reproductive aliments like fibroids, cysts, and my take on STDs 
- What I really think about virtue signallers telling me about my “privilege”, who spend all their time whining on the internet instead of taking action to deal with issues in a real-time way.
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When you can wake up from germ theory😳, everything in the mainstream media is contextualized by technocratic agendas, and you can pivot and focus your energy on the reality that you want to live in, create from, and enjoy. Pro tip: the truth is way less scary than mainstream beliefs. No reason to be afraid of invisible particles, other peoples' bodies, and disease...what a relief! 🥵 and for more on the subject, here is my free ebook
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Weighing in on the current psyop...External authority is an illusion.
Don't take the bait, ladies 😉

You can download my free guide, "Own Yourself in the Time of Covid" for the reframe
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If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been on the search for a quality water filtration system for a while now. And while I’ve typically recommended the Berkey countertop filter, I was recently turned onto this new, preferred option by my friend, Dr. Thomas Cowan.

My family has had the Bio-Quantum Water Station from Ophora Water in our home for over a year now—and we absolutely love it! 💦

Here’s what it does…

Not only does it remove over 30,000 known contaminants including pharmaceuticals (which is a must for us), it also hyper-oxygenates, remineralizes, and re-structures the water using a rose quartz column… and it tastes unbelievably crisp, clean, and pure!

If you’re interested in the system that we have, you can learn more about it and get in touch with them here.

Or you can save 10% on their water subscription service by using coupon code KELLY10.
Forwarded from Dr. Sam Bailey Official (Sam Bailey)
Lab Leaks and other Legends
Although we expect the corporate controlled media to promote COVID-19 and virus mythology, unfortunately, many alternative media outlets do the same.
The lab leak nonsense is everywhere, but when did this story first appear?
Dr Mark Bailey takes a look at:
* The WHO joining team "lab leak"
* What scientists actually find in London sewers
* Why people are getting confused with "HIV" sequences in "SARS-CoV-2"

You may trust me because I have an M.D. That may mean, to you, that I have information that you don’t have. I know things about your body – about bodies – that you are not privy to by virtue of your non-expert station in life.

You may trust me because I am a woman. Because women inspire the trust of a mother, with their flowing hair and eyelashes, their soft skin and breasts, and their uniquely prosodic voices.

What is it, then, for a woman to become a Western physician? Is it perhaps possible that egalitarian feminism has given us an opportunity to feel the difference between a man in a patriarchal role and a woman assuming that same position? Is a woman misusing her power more dangerous than a man? It feels easier to trust a female physician, but what is it to trust a woman who believes the body needs to be managed? Who likely has not cultivated any intimacy with her own body and its interplay with the mind and emotions, let alone the body, mind and emotions of her patient. Perhaps only a women divested of her own relationship to her body’s innate wisdom could become a Western physician. And only as that physician can she then capture men and women as patients in a way that fundamentally disempowers them in service of her seeming expertise around the body machine.

Fear is in place as an emotional caution tape between our defensive survival strategies of childhood and the emancipated sovereignty of individuated adulthood.

This is operative for so many right now who feel the irrepressible tension between what we are being told is happening and the sense that we are capable of something more for ourselves. But so many minimize, dismiss, or otherwise defend the mainstream narrative because to do otherwise would require truly cutting the umbilical cord connecting them to mommy medical system and daddy government. It would require stepping into their adult authority which is their own, individual truth and sovereign power…a terrifying initiation to self that can feel like the world as you know it must end in order to accommodate this new truth and perceived reality.

If we want to feel free, then why would anyone continue to trust and obey an authority that is not here to protect but rather to control and enslave?

For a deep dive into reclaiming your sovereign power in these times, grab my free download, “OwnYour Self in the Time of Covid” at