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Dips are a gift 💰
ETH held up the best in the dip. Missed my link and dot longs by a dollar. But not going to chase them. If we get another leg down to 24/25k for BTC, I expect they will fill then, which in theory could pull eth down to about $1170/$1100 IF that happens, and it’s a big IF. I’m not sure the CME will fill, but it’s good to be prepared with some stink bids on bybit if it does.
Keith’s Crypto Trades
Still a possible W formation even if 1033 hits
So the area I highlighted seemed to be the bounce zone for ETH, which tapped like magic the 618
Look at the W on the 4h .... all is not lost
That ADA entry was a thing of beauty, right in the support of the bullish channel and the mid line of the potential downward channel. Might be prudent to take the win on ADA here and reload later. Depends on BTC.
UNI doesn’t give 2 fucks about BTC
Market is bouncing
Nice little knife catch. If Bitcoin stays in the downward channel, I’d be looking around $33500 as the top of the channel. This is the zone to break.
ADA is either at the bottom of an ascending channel or the middle of a descending channel. Looking around 0.35385c for either a breakout or rejection. Lower end of the channel is about 24c if we lose the ascending channel support
ETH ....
Reddit pump inbound.
Keep in mind Reddit investors just sent a stocker called GME from $25 to $360
Still seeing a W on ETH, even if the one I identified on the lower time frame on today’s video was wrong...... ETH strong 💪 send🚀
This tickled me