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This is my announcement channel for Bitcoin ideas and video notifications.

It is free to join the group, all I ask is that you use my ref link to follow trades
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Here's one to watch guys. Classic falling wedge broke out on Avax yesterday, leading to a 25% pump. Expect a lot of other coins to start doing the same. Might not be a bull market yet, but we're certainly experiencing a relief rally. I noticed HEX has the same pattern, so I took a position at 0.02c last night, and already up to 0.023c and it hasn't broken out yet. Targeting 3c on the breakout
Guys the discord join bot is being a bit spazzy. Bens on it if their customer support to resolve it.

Software is hard 😂
I’ll repost the link when it’s sorted
Check this out if you bought the SOL dip last week

FTX hold $700m SOL

MarketCap is currently around $6bn meaning they have 11% of the supply left to dump.

I suspect that this is why SOL unwound to $8 the other day, as there were details of erc20’s being dumped from FTX wallets at the same time.

This doesn’t mean the price will dump by 11%, typically the selling pressure can move the marketcap of a coin by 4 times the amount of the sell order.

Meaning 700m x 4 = 2.8bn which would erase the gains of the last week.

Be aware that this catalyst could fuck the entire market if he starts dumping again.

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Morning all, if you’re seeing mad gains and feeling like you’ve missed out.

The avax chart broke out of a falling wedge printing a 50% candle

HEX is on resistance of the same pattern.

Targeting a 2x on hex if this breaks, thought it was worth sharing
Locked profit 490% ago and my SL is set at 450% profit. This is 1 example of the methods Keith and I have been working on. Discord server goes live on Monday, don't get left behind join here

3 hours until until Bag Builders goes live.

Will be streaming from 12 noon CET over in discord

The streams will be quite long. Many have asked about recording it due to people being at work, but as I’ll be steaming all day long with Ben trading it’s a little difficult, but don’t worry, we are also streaming through the evenings so people can catch up.

See you on the other side
Live on the Discord server folks!
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Just for those that are missing the bag builders discord.

This week we’ve been applying the method from (s&r divergence strategy by Ben)

This is where you target reversal wicks off support and resistance and either take a long or short

Then lock in the initial profit by closing half the trade and then let it ride though various s&r levels extracting profit along the way.

So far it looks like this, and we’re steaming between 10am - 5pm ish CET atm.

Hoping to get some evening sessions planned later in the week too.

Don’t miss it, it’s free
Going live in the Bag Builders Discord guys.