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Covid-19 is a weaponized mechanism of biowarfare created and unleashed by the U.S. Government.

The shots are a bioweapon responsible for countless deaths of previously perfectly healthy adults and children at the peak of their physical condition.

It’s a Genocide. Period.

I have been here for two years screaming about the fraudulent PCR tests, the FAKE “lab leak” theories, masks, school closures, fake “pastors”, liars, grifters and the frauds that posed (and are posing) as “trusted experts”.

They have blood on their hands!

For speaking out and staying with the truth, I have been kicked off Twitter and largely censored everywhere.

They have tried to bribe me with money, coerce me with network deals and have tried to have me killed by the cops with SWATTING attempts.

I will remain UN-BUYABLE.

I don’t swear allegiance to a fake political party, candidate, or any man.

I follow Jesus and remain obedient to God.

This means they will try to kill me, because they know that’s the only way to shut me up.

The “trusted experts” have pushed alternate BigPharma “treatments” (poison), and they’ll continue to distract you with stories about “vaccines” and “bad science” or “shoddy safety protocol” at Wuhan’s bioweapons lab.


Trust your gut when it tells you that we are a humanity under attack, and that your own government has openly declared war on you.

They want to kill you and kill your kids, and they will not stop until they’re STOPPED!
Amazingly informative! RIP Diamond!
I thought this was a clear cut case of climate change but apparently it was racism. Wow, was I wrong. 👇
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I'm sure this could only end well... 👇
Disney is being sued by a fired producer and she is claiming that there's a direct relationship between Disney and DOD.

"In a further aspect to the case, the lawsuit from Williams and Faber alleges that there is an “intertwined” relationship between Disney and the US Defense Department, and that the latter exercises editorial control over Disney’s content. “That control does not stop at content but extends to direct, indirect and covert encouragement as it pertains to policies and practices, such as vaccination requirements,” it claimed."
Good point! 👇
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Hunter laundered nearly $600K to his dad through a rental payment, and if this rent was paid to Joe did he claim this as income on his tax return?
The best way to remove carbon from the atmosphere is by planting more plants such as hemp which grows densely pretty much anywhere, and turns carbon into oxygen through photosynthesis. Hemp can also be made into plastics which can biodegrade in less than 100 days. Petroleum based plastics take hundreds and thousands of years to decompose. Think about the oceans and the fields everywhere littered with millions of tons of plastic. If these large corporations and world leaders don't talk about hemp then you know they are full of shit!
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"it's gonna be a big adventure, I hope, knock plastic..." 🤡🤦‍♂️ Wanting to remove all carbon from the atmosphere is an admission of wanting to kill plant life and human life because the plants photosynthesis carbon into oxygen which we breathe. Am I missing something?
Most epic meltdown by a scumbag ever being censored... Not surprised.
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BREAKING: YouTube has just removed our Pfizer story from the platform “due to a violation of our Community Guidelines”

Project Veritas channel has been given a “strike” and ability to upload ANY new videos is “restricted” for a week with threats of future “permanent removal”
View it while you can! 🥴😁
Forwarded from Project Veritas
Media is too big
SHOCKING: Pfizer Director Physically Assaults James O'Keefe & Veritas Staff; Destroys iPad Showing Undercover Recordings About “Mutating” Covid Virus; NYPD RESPONDS!

“I’m just someone who’s working in a company that’s trying to literally help the public.”

“You fu*ked up!”

Hey man, his pockets are empty! 😄😂😎
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Flashback to last year in January when it snowed all over the north and even in weird places around the world like in Greece. This building seemed to me to be the source of the shock, if you will. The coordinates are in the final picture