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AI telling it like it is...
BTC about to go to the moon. 🚀🌕
Forwarded from CryptoVigilante
📤 Almost 2,000 BTC are being withdrawn from Binance every hour.
Just a note about the "weather" tonight.

It's been very clear to me for about 6 years that the weather in the USA is totally engineered.

Tonight is a horrendous storm from Texas to Wisconsin. Not natural at all. Some might call it climate change, but some are either naive or master manipulators. The agenda is to herd and cull. What kills people quicker than a bogus injection designed to cause cancers and infertility? Ice storms and tornadoes in December. Again, totally engineered.

You might be a little behind and wondering why the agenda would be to herd and cull... It's simple. The plan to exterminate masses of the worldwide population has been set in motion by decades of planning, posturing, and programming.

The programmed are us (in many cases,) and we are being programmed to accept our futility, while simultaneously being programmed to feel guilt for these insane environmental changes, aka climate change. Make it make sense! I'll give up my vehicle for the sake of the environment whenever I don't need to work 7 days a week to barely get by. And no I will not be a proponent of universal income if it comes to the US.

I'm working in the snow removal business, and tonight I'm thinking how fucking dangerous it's going to be to drive to work in the middle of the night in an ice storm. The deck is already pure ice and it's 8:30pm. The plan is to go out at 4am when it snows.

In not the guy in the plow but the guy with a shovel so I basically have to wait for snow to fly before I get to work ... But what happens when there's an inch of ice underneath the snow on the roads and I have to drive 30 miles to work in that? I've thought about not going, but I've made a commitment. I have shitty tires from putting so many miles on them in the three years I've had them. But even good tires don't help when black ice is everywhere. Fuck that. I'm trying to live to die another day.

I'm sending this out in case anything happens, and maybe someone will find it in the future and understand that I don't buy this weather for being natural, and I do not want to risk my life tonight in it. 😮‍💨 Some beach, somewhere . . . 🌊🐚🏖️ #keepyocool
One more thing, I'm pretty sure this massive country-wide storm is going to distract us from something else which is probably occurring simultaneously... Is Pfizer releasing another batch of data tonight for the FOIA request?
Forwarded from Health Ranger
The FBI and DOJ were running assets inside Twitter to control every narrative. This means they are also obviously running assets inside Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc. and even inside the NYT, WashPost, CNN, and so on. We are living under full-blown fascism where a rogue regime controls nearly all speech and media. No wonder they hate Elon.
Forwarded from Dr. Vladimir Zelenko (Zelenko Protocol) (Zev Zelenko)
Zev posted this one year ago:


The antidote was and is intentionally hidden from the public.


Our government is the enemy of the people. Don’t listen to the demented puppet in the White House. Don’t listen to the murderous cdc, fda, nih.

-Our government made a weapon of mass murder

-Our government created an antidote that only the privileged have access to

-Our government is blocking access to the antidote to American citizens

-Our government is pushing a failed and deadly drug remdesivir.


Dr. Ralph Baric with funding from the NIH, NIAID created a weapon of mass destruction and murder.

Dr. Ralph Baric developed the antidote for the weapon using zinc/zinc Ionophores which is the basis of the Zelenko Protocol.

In 1999 at the University of NC at Chapel Hill Baric figured out how to take a bat Corona virus and make it infect humans

In 2015 in Wuhan-funded
By NIH-Baric and Zengli figured out how to augment the lethality of this virus to lungs and cause blood clots.

Raplh Baric also help develop The killer drug remdesivir for covid.

Ignore the fear rhetoric from the government.

Joe Biden warns of ‘winter of death’ for the unvaccinated, with Omicron ‘here now and spreading’

Joe Biden should be in a diaper in a nursing
home and not spreading fear.

Vladimir Zev Zelenko MD


"The SEC complaint on Wednesday accuses the influencers of a yearslong scheme which was typically conducted in three phases. At least one of them would choose a stock to target and allow the others the chance to purchase shares before promoting it online to their followers, the complaint said. They would then boost the stock to their followers and on podcasts and, when that succeeded, sell their shares at higher prices to turn a profit, the complaint said."

I would venture to guess this is exactly what MSNBC executives do with the show Mad Money...
My response to the forwarded post from DJT below...

I've always wondered why Trump picked Pence... Maybe it was to gain the Orthodox Christian vote, or to add experience, or because Pence hadn't smeared Trump in the early days of the campaign. Either way, Pence certainly let down Trump in the most important moment of the entire presidency. The fraud could've been investigated and not allowed to proceed, but Pence didn't seem to care. Now he just wants to sell his book and apparently is making a run at the presidency in 2024. Obviously Pence has zero chance to win, and Trump will be looking to find a new running mate if he wins the nomination again. My guess is Kari Lake would be on the Trump ticket if Trump somehow manages to get out of the J6 stuff unscathed. His tax returns coming out will be a huge story and maybe very damaging. It's obviously he's found ways to game the system for his entire career as a businessman.
Forwarded from Donald J. Trump
I don’t care whether they change The Electoral Count Act or not, probably better to leave it the way it is so that it can be adjusted in case of Fraud, but what I don’t like are the lies and “disinformation” put out by the Democrats and RINOS. They said the Vice President has “absolutely no choice,” it was carved in “steel,” but if he has no choice, why are they changing the law saying he has no choice?

Simply put, it is because the Vice President did have a choice, and looking back at it now, the 2020 Voting Fraud was far greater than anyone thought possible, with even our Government, through the FBI, changing the results of the Election by millions and millions of votes.
I'm the real Mr Beast's 3rd follower on telegram lol
Forwarded from MrBeast
Covid-19 is a weaponized mechanism of biowarfare created and unleashed by the U.S. Government.

The shots are a bioweapon responsible for countless deaths of previously perfectly healthy adults and children at the peak of their physical condition.

It’s a Genocide. Period.

I have been here for two years screaming about the fraudulent PCR tests, the FAKE “lab leak” theories, masks, school closures, fake “pastors”, liars, grifters and the frauds that posed (and are posing) as “trusted experts”.

They have blood on their hands!

For speaking out and staying with the truth, I have been kicked off Twitter and largely censored everywhere.

They have tried to bribe me with money, coerce me with network deals and have tried to have me killed by the cops with SWATTING attempts.

I will remain UN-BUYABLE.

I don’t swear allegiance to a fake political party, candidate, or any man.

I follow Jesus and remain obedient to God.

This means they will try to kill me, because they know that’s the only way to shut me up.

The “trusted experts” have pushed alternate BigPharma “treatments” (poison), and they’ll continue to distract you with stories about “vaccines” and “bad science” or “shoddy safety protocol” at Wuhan’s bioweapons lab.


Trust your gut when it tells you that we are a humanity under attack, and that your own government has openly declared war on you.

They want to kill you and kill your kids, and they will not stop until they’re STOPPED!
Amazingly informative! RIP Diamond!
I thought this was a clear cut case of climate change but apparently it was racism. Wow, was I wrong. 👇
Forwarded from EyesIsWatchin
I'm sure this could only end well... 👇