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Самая сильная команда профессионалов, которая работает над созданием сайтов, иллюстраций, motion-дизайна и др. веб-визуала, анализирует ЦА клиента и разрабатывает самые уникальные веб-продукты для своих клиентов, чтобы их бизнес приносил больше прибыли. 📈
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My name is Kate Yausheva and I’m a founder and artistic director of this studio. 👩‍💻

In 2019, I started doing web-design and don’t want to stop. I went through a lot of training for Adobe photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Adobe XD and others.

Also a year ago I created my own training platform for web-designers. From a video course to personal mentoring. I have taught more than 20 students. Many of whom have achieved success in their business. 👏🏻

Now about the studio. Yes, it happened that I grew up to call myself and team of professionals like a studio.

Our task is to take the brand, product, company to a new level. We are working on visual packaging, it can be a website, brand books, presentations and others. 🤓 It is very important for us to work from the heart and receive only positive feedback about our work.

We make successful and modern web products. We get into the creation process with a great interest and study the topic in depth with all details. We find an individual approach to each customer and we are proud of it. 😌

We can promise is that you will make the only right decisions with us. Entrust is with the development of our web product and in the near future customers will come to you! 💯

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Our studio works on prototypes, website design, content creation, logos and more other 👩‍💻👩‍🎨👌

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