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And theres this beauty, first seen on Ruqqus. going to rework the hands, after settling on his clothing.

That's better 🦌

Still need to fix the clothes
Went back to poking about the CG Boost course for Blender 2.8 tonight, fixing up numerous things that I missed or didn't know how to fix the first go around.
I have no mouth, but i must scream...
Media is too big
I take forever with getting OBS Set up 😩

But hey, swanky new visualizer and now playing listing!
So, I'm following through on an Idea of running an art sharing website that anyone can post to.

Meet Szurubooru, an imageboard suite inspired by Danbooru. It's open source, and easy to set up even for your personal use (with the right skills).

Currently for legal reasons, all content posted is to be safe for work.
Award Winning Character Design... lol
Taking a break for a while, not sure when I'll be back.

Take care everyone.