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Bitcoin levels to watch

Price is currently holding above the previous low on the daily close but if price breaks down it's going to $8,7ks

After that, it heads towards $8k but everyone is watching this level so price either bounces before or goes through
- even a wick down would be nice but price certainly needs to hold low to mid $7ks or this entire move up has been in vain

Price needs to break back above $10,100 to get bullish

The level is marked on the chart

Only until then would I be positive about a continuation

Right now I think price makes it way down between $8k to $8,5k
$BTC dominance monthly chart looks like the end to the bottom of a market

Looks as if BTC.D capitulated, "v" bottomed followed by a strong recovery

At 72% now, highest since July 2017

With Bakkt coming and uptrend in prices, we may not see a strong pullback in BTC market dominance anytime soon
The previous high, at $10, 972 that I marked earlier was apart of the short term trend down to this previous swing low - but isn't considered to be on the large trend for Bitcoin price

So I revised my chart with the actual large trend and the price it needs to break for a higher high at $11,983

This area would also break through the remaining resistance of supply and demand (high volume nodes) and price would be free to break towards the top of the range where it would likely re-test $12,567 and $12,920 on the daily before continuing up for new highs in 2019
Video above
Lower time frame, can't get any more clear than where to put your buys on this level

Though sellers did move in, but that would have be a nice flip or long if you took that opportunity today
As of now, Bitcoin could be making yet another "lower-high" on the trend, don't get too caught up in this price action until Bitcoin breaks the red line - that monthly resistance overhead

Plenty of resistance overhead before we get clear skies and the volume hasn't been great by any means, we'll likely see this go sideways this week and possibly the next week after where I except some time of the decision to be made by late Sept or early Oct
Moral of the story, nows not the right time to be heavily exposed to altcoin positions - will likely bleed either way Bitcoin breaks
Lots of people talking hype for ETH... we'll it's good that it's above the 20 MA - could be confirmation (so it continued to make new lows after each time this has happened since Nov/Dec 2018)

The only problem is it looks like price has hit the overhead resistance cluster above

At this time, I will certainly wait for that to break before jumping in - though BTC needs to break up - as breaking down will only lead to a loss for all assets including ETH and BTC will likely retrace less than ETH overall if that happens

Just keep an eye on the chart
Assets/Projects that I mentioned really liking that haven't been released yet include Nucypher, Casper Labs, Handshake, Dfinity, Polka Dot, and Hedera Hashgraph which is being released tonight on exchanges

These are all assets that I foresee knocking out older tech coins and taking over the top 50, top 25 and even some the top 10

One of the assets that I see is in the top crypto assets in the foreseeable future is Hedera Hashgraph or HBAR

Primarily due to the tech, it is the most hyped of projects in the past two years

It actually has a working mainnet before exchange release - and has actual partnerships with major companies on their council including Boeing, IBM and others

And the technology is not Blockchain by rather Hashgraph from Dr. Leemon Baird

You can actually watch the open access event starting in less than 2 hours below, where more partners and exchanges should be announced:
So while I don't recommend anyone going out and fomoing into an asset before doing their research

I do think that this asset will likely have a strong ROI in the next coming years

Bitcoin still reigns supreme and I still remain very particular about altcoin assets that I would invest

But alongside Bitcoin, Ethereum - I do look for assets with strong potential

Again do your own research, be smart with investing and trading

If you are interested in HBAR you will be able to buy, trade, sell it on OKEX, Upbit, Bittrex (for US buyers) Liquid and a few other sites at this time
If you're interested in HBAR - the pre-sales prices and where I recommend buying in or taking profit for this asset

I share all the details inside the Blockroots community, just one benefit when it comes being a member for an affordable price

Not to mention info on other altcoins, bitcoin market updates, targets and more

Come join us, look forward to seeing you there
This is my official reminder to trade smart especially if you're getting into an altcoin such as HBAR for price discovery

No one knows how low it can go or how high - but there is a very good chance the floor is $0.10 to $0.12 as the majority of unlocked tokens were bought there at these prices

Tokens bought lower for SAFT were only partially unlocked and I saw some pools and OTC go between $0.18 to $0.23

This is solely my opinion as price could go lower, or it could shoot up over $0.50 and higher

Just a heads up - be smart with price discovery of new assets on the market, cheers!