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Now on Tru th Soc ial. Same clever name😁
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Date: 6/14/13
Johnheretohelp 🐷
Date: 6/14/13
Now go back to 2000 2002 when he was just 14 and met pence for the first time. When he was older he was supplying others with children that he had access to through jobs they helped him get. He had very impressive jobs for somebody who was barely 14.
He's 34 now.
🤔 🥔
Did you know Nicholas Alahverdian was an actor?
This is from early 2021, Jan/Feb. I posted it a couple days ago and was attacked. I have always said we must address 2020 or we will be buried under another layer of crap every election. I have always tried to give people the most accurate inside information so they can make the best choice for themselves, family, and friends.

This came out today.
Here is Jon’s official statement regarding the false charges brought upon him by the Harford County Sheriff’s Office.
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It’s Primary Day in Maryland! #winbigvotepig 🐷🇺🇸
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Media is too big
Rod Rosenstein and his Dirty Trick Squad
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Hi, it's Allie! 👋
We are making some updates to the site, to include FINALLY being able to donate to help our brave pig keep fighting the good fight. 🐷 A video is currently in production which will expose how the crooked Harford County S.O. set him up, and much more!
Thank you all very much for your prayer and support. ❤️ 🇺🇸 🙏

A Call for the Harford County Sheriff’s Office to Do the Right Thing.
Jon now has his own podcast! You can hear his recordings sequentially on and on Truth Social. Stay tuned… He’s just getting started! 🐷🔥💥