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Localisation actuelle des porte-avions américains
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Из сегодняшних заявлений Лаврова.

1. США и НАТО напрямую участвуют в войне на Украине.
2. Какого-либо изменения политики Запада ожидать не следует.
3. Россия наносит удары по украинской инфраструктуре, которая помогает убивать русских.
4. ОБСЕ - маргинальная организация.
5. Риск ядерной войны при военном столкновении ядерных держав огромен.

Сегодняшние заявления Лаврова (и не только) наглядно показывают, что никакого договорняка нет и не предвидится. Ключевое значение в ближайшие месяцы будут иметь не консультации в третьих странах, а ход и исход зимней кампании 2022-2023.
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💥💥💥The reason for the large-scale alarm is the take-off of the MiG-31K in Belarus / the likelihood of the use of ballistic missiles💥💥💥
Forwarded from Intel Slava Z
🇷🇺🇺🇦 Russia is preparing another powerful air raid on Ukraine, writes Der Spiegel.

The publication published satellite images of the Engels-2 military airfield, which is located near the Russian city of Saratov.

“Actual satellite imagery shows unusual movement at a key Russian military airport. Experts see Engels-2 on high alert and warn of a powerful new air raid on Ukraine.
Forwarded from 🇷🇺IL RUSSO🇷🇺 (Ghost of stalin)
💥💥💥Against the backdrop of rising prices, residents of British Cardiff switched to animal feed. And the food is heated on radiators

either that or the grasshoppers..... mouth-watering💥💥💥
Forwarded from 🇷🇺IL RUSSO🇷🇺 (EkaterinA)
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💥💥💥 Right in the hatch: Our soldiers hit an AFU armoured vehicle from a Mavic 3 drone
Our military continues to track down and attack the enemy at the front using drones. The video of our comrades shows the defeat of an armoured vehicle with its crew: the footage shows the militant's movement in the hatch before the explosion.
Forwarded from Paul Joseph Watson
From the Twitter files...
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Forwarded from Global Intel Watch
🇺🇸 - Trump calls for the suspension of the constitution so he's reinstated as president or new elections takes place.
Forwarded from ZOKA's Channel (Ref)
The Armed Forces of Ukraine have losses? Impossible. 🤔
Forwarded from Geroman (geroman)
The Ukrainian Armed Forces are suffering heavy losses in Bakhmut due to the NATO COIN tactics. What does it mean

Soldiers of the 71st, 58th and 53rd brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who were captured in early and mid-November near Bakhmut, say that the training course in the UK and on the territory of Ukraine, with the support of instructors from the USA, Canada and Australia, was not designed for intense battles and harms the Ukrainian infantry .

According to the Military Chronicle, the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine underwent training under the NATO COIN program (from the English term Counterinsurgency - counter-guerrilla war). The COIN program was created to fight "non-state forces" and insurgents and does not imply that the enemy has effective artillery and heavy weapons, which the Russian Armed Forces have in large numbers.

In addition, the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not conduct a full six-month training course. For assault units, an accelerated course was held in 20 days, and for ordinary infantry, training was completed in two weeks.

After the courses, Ukrainian servicemen trained according to COIN standards began to die en masse in battles. At first, losses were recorded in the Kherson direction, but now the most massive losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are observed in the Artyomovsky and Krasnolimansky directions, where the forces of the southern grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were transferred.

Due to the heavy losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Bakhmut in September, October and November, American instructors were sent to the units of the 30th, 53rd and 71st brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who were instructed to help with the management of the Ukrainian infantry and reduce the level of losses.

According to the prisoners, the training of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in COIN tactics, both abroad and at the Yavoriv training ground, was built around actions in small mobile groups. At the same time, the main areas of preparation were maneuvers on light vehicles (the so-called war of pickups), storming buildings and working out the filtering of civilians.

Earlier, the Military Chronicle already wrote about the mistakes of American officers ( when planning counterattacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Bakhmut. This was due precisely to a misunderstanding of the capabilities of the RF Armed Forces and the Wagner PMC, which have a large number of artillery and heavy equipment.

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OPEC+ Blinks Will Not Cut Production Further

The headlines from the OPEC+ conference are pretty simple:

This means that Russia had to agree to this statement and that the potential for a pre-Christmas market disruption may well fade until January.

The coverage in the Financial Times highlighted this also:

Uncertainty about how those measures will affect Russian crude exports meant it made sense for Opec+ to hold fire, analysts said, with Russia second only to Saudi Arabia in terms of oil production capacity among the members of the expanded organisation. “If markets move adversely Opec+ will intervene…
The Biggest Story of Last Week American Media Refused to Cover

Is it the big Elon Musk Twittergate reveal?


Most of the world knew 99% of that anyways.

Is it the fact that Senile Joe would betray the unions again this time on the railroad contract?

No, that old fool doesn’t know and besides, we are in the process of living the reality of Atlas Shrugged. Why disrupt a good story?

Last week, something I never dreamed I would see in my lifetime occurred. Hell, anyone who was alive for the old Union of Soviet Socialist Republics never would have…
Forwarded from Ghost
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What do we think, is there going to be a new front? AD systems among other being transferred to Belarus.
Forwarded from Maple Chronicles
Canada's largest pension fund cut investments in Apple and Tesla

Canada Pension Plan (CPP) sharply reduced its investments in Apple Inc. and Tesla Inc. as well as three Chinese electric car companies in the third quarter of 2022, MarketWatch reports.

The fund sold 1.3 million shares of Apple in July and September and ended the period with 3.5 million shares of the company in its portfolio, according to documents that CPP management sent to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The investment in Tesla fell nearly in half to 368,900 shares.