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Forwarded from RT News
❗️South Tyrol Towns go into Lockdown to Save Winter Tourism

Twenty small towns in northern Italy’s autonomous South Tyrol province have entered a partial lockdown to save its famed winter tourism.

The restrictions mean a curfew for most public places and a requirement to wear an FFP2 face mask on public transportation. (AP)

The provincial governor hopes the move will save ski season.

A slippery slope towards full lockdown?

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Things I am Thankful for on Thanksgiving 2021

The main thing that I am thankful for is finally having some time to sit down behind this keyboard and pound out some articles this long weekend before I hit the road again next Tuesday. The truth is the Florida economy is scorching hot and everyone is visiting or moving to my home state. Hopefully this shooting star does not flame out, but onward and upward to my list of things that I am thankful for.

I am most thankful that I still do not believe anything from anyone in…
CDC issues new dire warning after vaccinating millions of people... the vaccine causes heart damage... and mostly in men.. 💉☠️
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JUST IN - Portugal, one of the most vaccinated countries in the world, declares state of emergency and imposes new restrictions to curb the sudden surge of #COVID19 cases.

Video Proof America is Descending into Idiocracy

It’s not like many of us have not been trying to warn you that the movie “Idiocracy” is not a comedy, but a documentary.

Well, here we are…

CBS segment on #Thanksgiving suggests families have drinks and “hors d’oeuvres in the garage” while everyone takes a Covid rapid test and wait for the results before going inside: “You can make it playful, make it fun, and then be able to enjoy the holiday.”— Curtis Houck (@CurtisHouck) November 24, 2021

Of course, it’s not limited to stupidity like that snippet…
Screw the Turkey Sandwich, I’m Having a DEATHBURGER

So much for having a leftover turkey sandwich tonight as it would appear that the financial markets want to have a real Black Friday.

Courtesy of

That chart is as of 23:15 EST so the Deathburger might cause some indigestion in the morning.

Stay tuned.
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Happy Black Friday! Dow Futures Down 800

Last night after consuming a Deathburger (only my old listeners and readers would get that), I went to sleep thinking that there is no way Jay Powell would take Black Friday off and allow the markets to get smoked by the algos thus hurting retail sales and investor confidence.

Womp. Womp.

There is concern for a new “variant” B.1.1.529 aka, the “Botswana” variant of which less than 100 known cases have been detected thus far. Needless to say it’s vaccine resistant like Delta, more transmissible like a bio-weapon, and more…
Red Friday in Markets: Start of Something Worse or?

Chart Courtesy of

So far this would appear today’s markets are appearing to be the start of something or nothing. It is too early to worry as the 50 DMA and 200 DMA are intact thus far.

However, the worry on CNBS and other business “news” networks was apparent when every bull that was hungover was asked to call in and use every cliche in the book to generate a bounce:

“barbell strategy”

“buy the dips”

“buying opportunity”

“get more tech stocks”

and my favorite to paraphrase, “don’t worry…
The Biden Junta has Officially Adopted Soviet Propaganda Tactics

This was posted by the United States Department of Transportation on Twitter yesterday. Instead of a link which can be erased, I took the liberty of a screen shot so it will demonstrate that the U.S. government is now indeed no different than the old Soviet Union or Communist Chinese.

H/T Twitchy

Political prisoners.

No knock raids without a warrant.

War makes peace.

Men can have periods.

And this garbage with the blessings and help of a subservient media.

Tell me how we are not falling into the Ominous Parallels…
Middle East Markets Follow the Dow Turkey Decline

Apparently skipping variant Xi in favor of Omicron did not help global markets today as the equity markets in the Middle East have had a bad day.

Israel is down a nice 1.8% but was down almost 4% earlier in the day so the government lockdown and bailout talks must have started working.

Chart courtesy of

Meanwhile in Saudi Arabia the fear of another global economic slowdown with the new variant has spooked oil markets and the Tadawul to an almost 5% decline:

Chart courtesy of

The new…
Forwarded from Robert W Malone, MD
Despite WHO advice that current vaccines probably won't work against Omicron, WHO recommends more vaccination, with vaccinating priority for "older adults, health care workers and those with underlying conditions putting them at risk of severe disease and death."
WHO admits the current vaccines won't likely work well against Omicron, but seem to be wanting to use the threat of this variant to push vaccines into populations/countries that aren't vaccinated. Such as African nations?

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Forwarded from Robert W Malone, MD
This IS a smoking gun. UK/GB has let loose upon the world the "Trusted News Initiative" and advocacy/justification for weaponization of fearporn during this pandemic.

Use of fear to control behaviour in Covid crisis was ‘totalitarian’, admit scientists

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After Monday’s Dead Cat Bounce, Equity Futures Roll Over Hard

The “rally” on Monday was impressive at times with the Nasdaq and Nasdaq 100 both posting impressive gains. There is a “but” however to yesterday’s action.

The “but” was the butts the market showed to everyone:

-Meh volume on both the NYSE and Nasdaq indicating that not everyone thought this was a true relief rally.

-Market internals indicated a lot of selling and distribution under the surface with the advance/decline volumes plus numbers on the Nasdaq, 1994 advancing vs. 2683 declining, plus worse on the NYSE telling the tale that…
Forwarded from Breaking911
NEW: Florida sees lowest COVID-19 transmission, cases, and deaths in the country for over 6 weeks in a row - CDC

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Forwarded from Breaking911
JUST IN: Scientists create first robot that can reproduce on its own - NYP

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It is Not Just Stocks they Pump, It’s Fascism

Long ago, back when most of the “yutes” who now tell us old farts that investing in crypto is the way to go, that gold and silver are antiques not money, and that Tesla is actually a profitable company based on its auto sales alone and not manipulation of tax credits thanks to Obama’s electric car charity scheme for the wealthy.

The reality is that many of us learned the lessons the hard way as experience is the best teacher. Not every move made in manipulated markets are profitable, nay…
Will Today’s Stock Markets go Oink or Doink?

The market action yesterday was what every bull fears:

-High volume

-Massive distribution

-A month end “window dressing” turned into a curtain fire

-Market internals worsening

Add in the inept political elites looking to kick the debt ceiling down the road again and the formula for a 2019 or worse rout is building cause this December.

Chart courtesy of

The 50 DMA has to hold this week and CONgress must act quickly or this sucker is going to roll over even harder with a quick test of the 200…
Stocks go Doink

This morning I said the following:

The 50 DMA has to hold this week and CONgress must act quickly or this sucker is going to roll over even harder with a quick test of the 200 DMA around the 4300 level. That would mean certain doom to all of the phony baloney good time dope smoking rock and rolling permabulls.


The markets were floundering upwards on light volume just like the dead cat bounce we just witnessed then the new broke just before 2 p.m. EST that the Omicron…