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ANNE PRO 2, my new keyboard.

By the way, the sheet of white paper under the keyboard is to help focus on the image well to prevent blurriness (yes, the built-in camera of my budget tablet is really clumsy). 😁

I have recently bought this console. When I started to play these games, I didn't even know how to read English words. It brings me such a good memories of late 80s and early 90s. 😄
Windows 10, you are inconsistent, chaotic. 😕

The day before yesterday, it took me over 30 minutes to figure out why the microphone didn't have any volume. It was muted, but, as you can see in the above images, there is no button for muting/unmuting the mic under the new input sound properties. The only way you can unmute it is by using the "old" control panel.

Windows 10, I'm sorry, but you are worse and worse, more and more shabby, more and more vulgar. 🙈
Fried banana 🍌 isn't a typical Spanish dish so that I had never eaten it before. It's delicious! 👌Here you eat breaded eggplant 🍆, but it's less sweet and crunchy than fried banana.
"Tortita de Nochebuena" or Christmas Eve pancake 🥞 is a typical Christmas pancake in the cities, towns and villages near the bay of Cádiz (Andalucía, in the south of Spain). They are usually coated with honey, but you can also find them with sugar and cinnamon. They are delicious!

Merry Christmas!🎄
Spanish Churros served in the traditional way with gray Kraft paper.
The gel battery of my UPS system broke down (APC ES 550VA, discontinued model). I found a budget replacement battery on Amazon and so far so good 👌

By the way, the other day I learned that, unlike lithium-ion batteries, you should only use half the charge of gel batteries (not to discharge them below 40%) in order to preserve their life time.

Last month, I watched this video by Eduardo Collado (@elpodcast on Telegram) about NextDNS. Because I liked what he was explaining in the attached video, I decided to try it and I've been using it since then along with a DDNS server ( and a DDNS client on my router in order to refresh my dynamic IP automatically.

By the way, I'm not the guy named "Jesús" he's talking to in the video. 😁

Muchas gracias Eduardo por todos tus magníficos posts. 👍
Spanish Torrija is a delicious slice of bread soaked in milk or wine and coated in egg batter, fried and sweetened. 🥞 It's a typical Easter sweet.

To garnish the plate, you sprinkle some cinnamon around the sweet. 🍽
Try now the beta version of Zorin OS 16. 💻

By the way, I installed Zorin OS 15 on my father's computer. You can see it in this video:

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Windows 10 Home and Pro are full of useless or unwanted apps. 😱 In addition, Feature Updates every six months have turned out to be a massive pain in the neck for users. 😡

In 2016, Microsoft released a new Windows 10 for companies called Window 10 Enterprise LTSB. This version of Windows has the 1607 kernel and is intended for being more stable and providing Long Term Support.

In 2019, Microsoft released a major update called Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC, which was the same thing as LTSB, but with a new name and the 1809 kernel.

Both versions provide long term support for security updates (ten years in particular), have neither Cortana, nor Edge or modern apps, and do not release a Feature Update every six months. In other words, it is a Windows 10 without overhead and the pain in the neck of Feature Updates, which are released every 2 or 3 years and you decide whether or not to install them.

Even though this is great, newer hardware and software require a kernel version above the 1809.

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For example, I have a few Adobe programs installed on my computer. If I installed the LTSC version, I wouldn't be able to run any of these programs because you need at least the 1903 kernel. 😢

So if you are interested in this version of Windows, I advise you to check the requirements of your hardware and software prior to installing it on your computer.
Last week, I bought this router (MikroTik hAP ac3) to replace my ISP router, but I've been forced to return it because it's incompatible with my ASUS RP-AC87 repeater. 😢

It's a pity: RouterOS, its operating system, is full of great tools to manage networks.

This is the ASUS range extender (RP-AC87) that's incompatible with the above MikroTik router. Interestingly, the other range extender (a TL-WA860RE-EU-V1 that I bought a long time ago) doesn't work either according to this post on the TP-LINK forum 😒, which refers to the TL-WA850RE V7 model.

Tip: When upgrading or scaling your network, use devices of the same brand.

By the way, on the box you can read "Compatible with any routers"? Not true!
Design inconsistencies in Windows 10. The same headings and list items have different bottom margins. 🙈
This is what one of the Fibre Termination Boxes in my neighborhood looks like. The bottom cover is broken and, as a result, a pair of cables are almost on the pavement. Movistar, you have to fix it ASAP! 🤬