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First post! 🤪
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Cleaning my Asus CPU/GPU heatsink and applying new thermal paste to both of them. More about this coming soon on my website. 💻
So good! 👌
Siempre he estado utilizando el sistema operativo Windows (desde su versión 3.1) y nunca he sentido tanta insatisfacción como con Windows 10. 🙈

Windows ha sido siempre un mal sistema operativo, pero ahora ha dejado de ser malo para convertirse en rematadamente malo. 😔

De verdad, no se puede trabajar con tantos bugs y tantas actualizaciones de seguridad. 😢

Y ni hablar de su gestor de actualizaciones o cómo se instala/desinstala el
software en Windows, que no ha cambiado desde 1995… 😡

En fin, el propósito de este pequeño post es dejaros varios links a vídeos de Youtube donde se explica cómo se gestiona el software en GNU/Linux (particularmente en Ubuntu) para que veáis la enorme diferencia que hay con respecto a Windows:

1. Instalar y desinstalar programas: niveles y concepto de paquete y repositorio

2. Instalar y desinstalar programas: orígenes del software

3. Instalar y desinstalar programas: centro de software

4. Instalar y desinstar programas: Synaptic:

5. Instalar y desinstalar programas: apt

6. Instalar y desinstalar programas: dpkg

Muchas gracias Miguel Ángel Sarmiento por estos excelentes vídeotutoriales. 👍
I bought this battery on Amazon as a 25,800 mAh power bank and, as you can read in the attached image, they say that 25,800mAh is the same as 95.4Wh… What! 🙈

I’m not going to send back the battery because it works well and 19,080mAh is enough for me; but you, Amazon, should be more careful with the way your sellers advertise their products, especially when they become “Amazon’s choice”.
This is the first chapter of the Flexbox explained series. In this chapter, you will learn about the main axis and the cross axis, and how you can align flex items using the following properties: justify-content, align-items, and align-self.

Happy / Feliz 2020! 👇
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Hey, ducky! Do you like my new article about Flexbox? It's cool, isn't it? 😁 👇
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In the first article of this series, you learned that the parent container has the ability to alter the size of its child elements (flex items). This means that, even though you set a specific size for them in the CSS code, Flexbox could make them larger, smaller, or do nothing and leave them as they are.