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Turkish politics and election analysis website. By Michael Sercan Daventry
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There's a lot of talk among Turkey's opposition parties about introducing a 'strengthened' parliamentary system in place of the regime built by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

But what exactly would it involve? We look at the detail of the proposals out there.
Record low for the AK Party and record high for the Good (IYI) Party in our rolling Turkish poll tracker for February
This is an early look for Telegram users — you get the first look. More details here, on the site and Twitter tomorrow
Polling update coming up
This is the latest JiT Turkish poll tracker, and it's another month of record lows for the AK Party and MHP
It's important to note that undecided voters remain extremely high
This is an early peek for Telegram users — you get the first look
Biggest drop yet for the AK Party in our monthly poll tracker