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Now the criminal charges for transmitting electors to Pence that were predicated on an illegally conducted 2020 election in Wisconsin. at least one count of TREASON. And since Pence accepted them, He is a seditious co-conspirator.
Forwarded from Tristan Johannes
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The historical moment the Senate voted to remove Megan Wolfe from WEC today…
Forwarded from Hope75
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1. USCP IICD Head Pittman setup the J6 Fedsurrection for Pelosi (in response to Raiklin's Operation McCarthy/Pence Card #2)

2. USCP Chief Manger covered up the Fedsurrection internally within USCP along with USCP General Counsel Tad DiBiase


3. J6 Committee Staff Director David Buckley covered it up for the court of public opinion and to manipulate the jury pool to go along with the political persecutions
I need a sworn affidavit from anyone that were at the W Hotel Jan 5, 2021 and witnesses John Sullivan and Michiel Vos in the lobby at noon.
RAY EPPS Charged the Day that @ChiefSund to testify in Congress to continue the J6 Fedsurrection?!

Feds Finally Forced to charge Jan. 6 Lead and Early Instigator/Inciter at center of alleged conspiracy to breach the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

Epps became the focus of sceptics of the Nancy Pelosi driven narrative of January 6β€” some amplified by Donald Trump and his allies β€” accusing him of being a federal actor, possibly of the Capitol Police Board.

As the House Administration Committee, Subcommittee on Oversight Chaired by Congressman Loudermilk calls in Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund, many questions still remain about Yogananda Pittman, Tad DiBiase role in allowing or implementing the breach on January 6.

Furthermore, this charge is on the heals of increased scrutiny of Current USCP Chief Manger in his role of providing Cover for Pittman and DiBiase as all are being scrutinized by the committee for their likely illegal agreement to place Pittman on LWOP. Congressional Investigators appear to be closing in on proving that January 6 was an intentional breach by Congressional leaders of the 117th Congress and Ray Epps played a significant role in the 3 outer breaches before other federal actors, Coordinated through Pittman instigated the inner breach to penetrate the Capitol with John Sullivan, who witnesses saw meeting with Pelosi's son in law Michiel Vos January 5 at W Hotel hours before sullivan was standing alongside Epps as Epps was calling on breaching the Capitol the following day, January 6.

@RepLoudermilk @ChiefSund
This is by far the best and most comprehensive podcast interview I have done on the illegal 2020 election, J6 and its subsequent coverup and all involved! Thanks to Scott Kesterson for his platform and brilliance in getting it out of me!!!

Ep2541_BardsFM - A Conversation with LTC (RET) Ivan Raiklin! https://www.podbean.com/ei/pb-6hgz5-14ad5aa
They are getting scared that they can't censor as much as they would like causing legal risk to their corruption and exposure.

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Ep2541_BardsFM - A Conversation with LTC (RET) Ivan Raiklin on Podbean, check it out! https://www.podbean.com/ei/pb-6hgz5-14ad5aa
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Most Comprehensive discussion of illegal 2020 election and why Pelosi had to counter my plan for J6 which would have lawfully resulted in a likely Trump re-election, but was stopped with a Fedsurrection aka Nancyrrection.

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Scott Kesterson is an amazing host. I have to say he is easily my most favorite podcaster to be interviewed by. It's not even close. Listen in to learn why.
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Walking in to provide oversight of Fake AG Merrick Garland. Jordan still didn't arrest this scumbag.
Seditious coconspirators! from left to right.

Adam BullSchiff
Eric SwallowsWell
Ted Loony

All from the most embarrassing State in the Union, Commie-fornia
Can someone run a citizens FISA/background check on this person until they find enough dirt to professionally and financially ruin them? Don't forget friends, neighbors and family.

And please DM me who at CommieTube decided to agree with Dame's censorship request so that we can do the same with that person. DM me your results as we work courses of action in preparation for their demise. Peacefully and patriotically, of course. and legally morally and ethically.

Leviticus 24:19 If anyone injures his neighbor, as he has done it shall be done to him, 20 fracture for fracture, eye for eye, tooth for tooth; whatever injury he has given a person shall be given to him.