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Inflation is just like alcoholism.

In both cases when you start drinking or when you start printing to much money the good effects come first and the bad effects only come later.

That's why in both cases there's a strong temptation to overdo it.
To drink too much and to print too much money.

When it comes to the cure it's the other way around.

When you stop drinking or when you stop printing money the bad effects come first and the good effects only come later.
3 Low Risk High Reward Trade Setups
Low of June was 15183.
Todays high 17490.
Rallied 2300 points and 15%.

People are buying in FOMO at these highs and just then we get some news and Market falls.

Cycle remains the same... WASH RINSE REPEAT!
Borrowing is impatience.

Saving is responsibility.

Investing is leadership.
Stocks for the week: Aug 2nd Week | 2022
Change the things you control in your life:

- Thoughts
- Income
- Investments
- Job

Don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone.
Time for a refreshing change!
Simplicity leads to Clarity…
Diliwalon... Milne ke mood main ho?!

Contemplating a Meetup in Delhi similar to the one we had in Mumbai, sometime in September.

What do you guys think?

What Is Candlestick Chart? Basics Of Candlestick (EP - 1) Price Action Series by Vijay Thakkar
You don't need to pay 1% fees for an investment manager.

You can learn for free with:

• Spotify
• Google
• YouTube

Money isn't a barrier.

Your effort is.
Generally #ICICIBANK And #AXISBANK are like Ram Balram, they tend to move together.

Similarly #Bankofbaroda and #canarabank are like Jai and Veeru.

Plan Your Trade