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Quarterly reporting: why it matters

These quarterly reviews can help you learn more about:
🔹Market forces that influenced the index fund's performance
🔹Holdings that affected the fund's returns
🔹The latest positioning, total returns, and the index funds holdings

Think of these reports as a “report card” on the Index Fund’s progress. Reading these reports can help determine how well the Index Fund has met its goals and investment strategy during the period covered in the report.

Quarterly reviews include facts about the Index Fund performance (see Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) compliance), fees, invested positions, market update and commentary.
New Website Announcement

Isonex Capital is pleased to announce our new website to our valued followers. We hope our redesigned website, which presents a more concise and user friendly interface, will be helpful to both novice and experienced investors alike. New features include an informational video and explainer graphic detailing the functions of the IX15 token, as well as a link to our Medium explainer articles, written as guides for newcomers to the digital currency space.

The cryptocurrency market has experienced its share of speculative uncertainties, but institutional entry amid much anticipated global regulatory compliance will ensure market maturity. Isonex Capital is perfectly positioned to offer investors a range of secure and transparent digital currency index funds. Isonex Capital — Investment Simplified.

🔹Explore the Website -
We would like to inform you about the Q&A session with the Isonex Capital team, which will be held today, 4 June 2019 at 4:00 p.m. GMT.

🔹You can leave your questions in the chat in advance, and the Isonex Capital team will answer them during the session.

🔹Link to writing your questions:
The benefits of scheduled automatic investments

What are some of the advantages of being an IX15 token holder? Let’s review one of Isonex Capital offers in detail.

🔹Token-sale investors will have the opportunity to set up recurring automatic investments. After the launch of the token, token-sale participants will be able to invest directly in the token by sending ETH to the smart contract at the NAV price minus incurred trading costs. The Isonex Capital platform will eventually provide functionality for token-sale investors to set up a recurring automatic investment.

🔹Lets say you wanted to invest $150 of your monthly salary into the digital currency market every month. You would activate automated reinvestment schedule via the Isonex Capital interface, designate the amount you want to reinvestment per month and the day of the month you want the transaction to occur.

🔹The ETH equivalent of the amount you want to get will need to be available on your account. On the designated day and time of the automatic reinvestment, IX15 tokens will be deposited into your account for the $150 equivalent of ETH, at the IX15 NAV price per token.

Note that the option is available to token-sale participants only.

Benefits include:
▪️Small Investment Amounts – allows investors to put small amounts of money to work each month by leveraging automatic investment plans.

▪️Dollar Cost Averaging - investors can “average” out their purchases to reflect the market value of the holding.

▪️Save on Commission and Fees - In some cases, setting up automatic investment plans can save on commissions and fees associated with buying digital currency because of economies of scale when buying together with the index fund.
Why consistency is important when choosing an index fund?

One of the measures that Isonex Capital used to evaluate the performance of different portfolios before choosing the optimal portfolio, was the “rolling windows” method.

The “rolling window” helps to determine whether a portfolio is time invariant, meaning how consistent the performance of a portfolio is over time.

For a series of data and a fixed period of time, the rolling window observations are obtained by shifting a pre-specified window forward over the data set one observation at a time, just like the diagram below demonstrates.

Isonex Capital believes that rolling returns provides a robust analytical tool for evaluating performance, especially during volatile periods when simply shifting the performance date range one or two months in either direction can paint a very different picture.

For example lets take two portfolios, portfolio A and portfolio B, portfolio A can have a greater return over a given period compared to portfolio B, however the performance of portfolio A could be due to returns in a single period rather than consistent returns over the period. Therefore the returns for the investor in portfolio A is dependent on when the investor purchases the portfolio, if they purchase at the wrong time the returns of portfolio will not be as good as what is advertised. Compare this to portfolio B which has consistent returns over time, therefore it doesn’t matter when the investor purchases because the returns are consistent based on rolling windows.

Isonex Capital carried out a 90 day rolling window separated by seven days within the specific date ranges in order to rank the portfolio according to how consistent there performance was relative to other portfolio. The 15 coin portfolio rebalanced every 30 days had the most consistent returns over a 5 year period ending 15th Feb 2019.

🔹Check out the results for yourself by going to
A Better Investment

Today, Isonex Capital and London-based InvestingBetter announce a partnership with the shared goal of creating a seamless platform between digital-asset market awareness and legitimate investment strategies. Isonex Capital, a digital-asset investment-management company, is launching an equal weighted index investment fund, IX15.


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The Outcome of the Q&A Session

On June 4, the Q&A Session was held for the Isonex Capital community. We were delighted to answer your questions that had remained unanswered till then.

The Q&A session was joined by William Chan, the CEO,
Fikre Leguesse, the Blockchain developer, Vangelis Stavropoulos, the investment analyst, and Dr. Charalambos Loannidis, the AI developer of our project. We have collected all the questions and answers for your better understanding of IX15.

Thank you, everyone, for joining. Each question was important to us. We appreciate your participation.

Isonex Capital Website Navigation


We recently launched a new version of our website and now we would like to present to you the most pivotal sections. On the website home page you can find information on the following subjects:

🔹What is an index fund?

🔹What is an equal weight index fund?

🔹How It Works

🔹The Power of 1%

🔹Isonex Capital Roadmap

To get a better understanding of our project, explore the following sections covering information on:

What is IX15
▫️ One-Stop Shop - One
▫️ Token Distribution
▫️ Fund Performance Comparison

▫️ Smart Contract Liquidation
▫️ Token Security
▫️ Optimized Trading
▫️ Simple To Understand
▫️ Diversification
▫️ Sheduled Automatic Investments

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Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR), what is it and why does it matter?

Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is the rate of return that an investment grow from its beginning to its ending period, assuming the profits were reinvested at the end of each year of the investment’s lifespan.

To calculate the CAGR of an investment:
Divide the value
of an investment at the end of the period by its value at the beginning of that period. Raise the result to an exponent of one divided by the number of years. Subtract one from the subsequent result.

The compound annual growth rate isn't a true return rate, but rather a representational figure. It describes the rate at which an investment would have grown if it had grown the same rate every year and the profits were reinvested at the end of each year. However, CAGR can be used to smooth returns so that they may be more easily understood when compared to alternative investments. This is the reason why Isonex Capital included CAGR as one of the measure to compare different portfolio before finding the optimal portfolio of 15 coins rebalanced every 30 days.

For example the 15 coin portfolio
rebalanced every 30 days had the 2nd highest CAGR of all the portfolios tested for the past 5 years and the 3rd highest CAGR for the past 2 years out of 40 different portfolio combinations.

#Isonexcapital #CAGR

Fig. 1 – Displays the results of the top five performing portfolios sorted by CAGR for the period of 15th February 2014 – 15th February 2019
Perfomance Comparison

This photo displays the performance of IX15 versus Bitcoin, the S&P 500 and CRIX market-cap weighted index for the past five years ending 15th February 2019

A portfolio utilising an equal-weighted index strategy that tracks 15 digital currencies provides broad market exposure with acceptable turnover and mitigates risk by evenly weighting the tracked assets.
❗️Isonex Capital has released version 1.5 of the IX15 white paper, in which two significant changes have been implemented from the previous versions.

Read here to know more:
The Power of 1%

What if there was a way to invest in the cryptocurrency market while 1) controlling risk 2) be exposed to over 75% of the crypo market 3) maximizing diversification , and 4) keeping costs low? You'll find the answer in our article on Medium.

#IX15 #explainer
Why Index Fund? Explore the benefits

Index Funds can be more effective than actively managed funds, as reports demonstrate. Among the examples, S&P 500 has beaten 84% and 75% of mutual funds in 2011 and over the last 3, 5, 7, and 10 years ending 2012, respectively.

Review some of the advantages:
🔹Broad diversification allows capturing the returns of a large segment of the market.
🔹Index funds have higher returns over longer periods of time.
🔹Index funds are simple to understand because of pre-determined methodology.
🔹Costs are much lower than that of actively managed funds.
🔹Investing is made easier and more accessible to the average or beginning investor thus saving time on researching and analysing individual investments.

Whether you are seeking exposure to the digital currency market or you want to enhance the performance of your existing portfolio, look no further than IX15. The worlds first tokenized digital currency index fund IX15 holds the 15 largest digital currencies ranked by market cap, equally dollar weighted and rebalanced every 30 days. Exposure to 75% of the digital currency market has never been simpler and easier.
Inherent Contrarian Trading Strategy: Outperform The Market, Invest Against The Crowd!

The essence of this strategy lies in making investment decisions against the majority of the crowd: sell while others are buying, and buy while others are selling. Warren Buffett and Michael Burry are examples of such contrarian investors.

IX15 implements the contrarian trading strategy through its rebalancing exercise every 30-days. Since IX15 invests in the top 15 cryptocurrencies, each coin represents 6.7% of the overall portfolio at each rebalance.

▪️If coin 1 APPRECIATED and represents 10% of the portfolio on rebalancing day, it will need to be sold DOWN back to 6.7% (selling HIGH).
▪️If coin 2 DEPRECIATED and repsents 3% of the portolio on rebalancing day, it will need to be bought UP back to 6.7% (buying LOW).

By consistently buying low and selling high, IX15 is consistently taking profits, leading to medium and long term outperformance against the market.

Don't believe us? Check out the IX15 performance chart using price data from the past 5.5 years and let us know what you think!
Net Asset Value - What Is It and Why Is It Important For Investors?

Once IX15 Tokens are issued, the buying and selling prices of the IX15 Tokens from day to day will be related to the NAV (Net Asset Value) of IX15 Tokens. It is therefore important for investors to understand the NAV concept.

NAV per IX15 Token = Total Value of Fund / Total Number of IX15 Tokens

In theory, the Index Fund’s NAV and market price should be almost identical because they aim to provide the fair value of the same underlying holdings. In real life, however, there are times when an index fund’s market price can be higher than its NAV (trading at a premium) or lower (trading at a discount).

Generally, strong demand for an index fund will push its market price above its NAV, resulting in a premium. Strong selling pressure has the opposite effect, often pushing the market price toward a discount.

Thankfully, given the investor's ability to withdraw IX15 via the smart contract, the market price should not go lower than the NAV (floor price protection) thanks to the Smart Arbitrage Mechanism.

Want to know more? Check out page 27 of our WP on Smart Arbitrage Mechanism! And we are always here to answer your questions

💬Discuss in the Chat -
Exchange Eligibility Requirements

Isonex Capital
considers an entity to be an eligible digital currency exchange if it meets all of the following criterias:
🔹 It is not domiciled in a geographic location that enforces significant regulations on foreign investors
🔹 Has a functioning, secure and reliable application programming interface (API) that facilitates the prompt processing of trade and volume data
🔹 Allows for the exchange of at least one digital currency for either another digital currency or for a fiat currency
🔹 Is in compliance with local regulations and not subject to extraordinary regulatory or legal action
🔹 Charges fees for trading that avoids “wash sale” activity that may distort volume and pricing
Has no significant downtime, withdrawal or known security issues

Isonex Capital will review this list of exchanges on a monthly basis to ensure they continue to meet eligibility requirements and that data coming from these exchanges continue to be reliable and of high quality.

Under extraordinary circumstances, Isonex Capital can immediately revoke an exchange’s eligibility to prevent bad data from feeding into the Index Fund.

⚠️Do not forget to pre-register. And stay tuned, we will definitely notify everyone about the start of the token sale.

Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS)

Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) provide an ethical framework for the calculation and presentation of the investment-performance history of an investment-management firm.

The standards were first introduced by the CFA Institute in 1999 while the development had begun in 1995. The current edition was published in 2010, and in 2020 the updated version is expected.

Isonex Capial is compliant with GIPS standards so that prospective token holders will have a greater level of confidence in the integrity of the Index Fund’s performance presentations. Compliance with the GIPS standards demonstrates Isonex Capital’s commitment to ethical best practices and strong internal control processes.

#GIPS #Investmentstandard
Why IX15 When I Can Create My Own Portfolio?


🔹 There are over 2,000 digital currencies in existence, and over 200 digital currency exchanges all over the world
🔹 There are many ways you can keep your digital currencies secure
🔹 The digital currency market is 6.2 times more volatile than the stock market

To gain diverse exposures to the digital currency market in order to lower your risks, you need to:

🔹Own multiple wallet solutions (hot/cold/hardware)
🔹Open accounts with many exchanges
🔹Having to rebalance the portfolio periodically, requiring significant time and with higher trading costs

With IX15, investors can now be exposed TO over 75% of the digital currency market with:

🔹ONE account
🔹ONE token
🔹ONE easy to manage, low-fee investment

Learn more about this One-Stop-Shop investment strategy HERE!
How Does The IX15 Smart Contract Work?

The IX15 smart contract provides a transparent way to participate in the IX15 Token sale. It runs on the Ethereum blockchain and is ERC20 compliant, allowing for interoperability across applications and exchanges that support this standard.

The smart contract specifies the token-sale start date and end date. These define the time periods and price during which participants will be able to deposit ETH/BTC and receive IX15 Tokens in return.

In the initial public phase, participants will receive one IX15 token for USD$1 equivalent deposited in ETH/BTC.

The hard cap cap is set at 16.08 million IX15 tokens. This means that the smart contract will stop accepting deposits once this number of IX15 tokens are created.

Each participant will be asked to complete an AML/KYC process in order to determine eligibility for participation in the token sale.

Once the token-sale end date has passed, participants will be able to liquidate their holdings in return for cryptos either using exchanges, or through the “Request Withdrawal” functions on your Dashboard.

🔰More information can be found in our White Paper in the section Smart Contract Specifications