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Remember, it's better for you to live the rest of your days in prison than it is to spend one second fighting for disbelief. May Allah make this a means for our success and protect the Muslimeen.
I don't have a source for this other than a reddit link but
Sooner or later, things are gonna get real tough for a lot of us. We need to establish a network of like-minded believers and prepare. We may see ad-Dajjal in our lifetime. I don't know what to do or how to do it, but we gotta do something bi'idhnillah.

Not trying to self-promote for clout but maybe share this TG group with your friends and it can serve as the central communication hub for now until we figure out something better.
Number 1 thing is learn how to fight. Sign up for some sort of hand-to-hand combat training, whatever's available to you. Be it BJJ or Muy Thai or whatever. Keep it as halaal as possible.

If you have *legal* access to firearms then learn how to use them. I'm not saying run around and cause wanton violence, I'm saying be prepared to defend yourself against tyranny.

Whatever weapons you have available to you, learn how to use them. Again, don't be stupid, don't run around causing wanton violence to innocent people. We are talking about self defense against tyranny here.

Hunkering down in one place is probably not the move, they will be able to come after us worldwide no matter where we are. The better move is to be prepared to relocate and hide whenever needed. RasulAllah SAWS said if you know dajjal is coming, then flee. This of course requires financial resources and a network. This is probably the most difficult task to accomplish. Also very difficult to trust anyone, spies and informants everywhere. Assume you're being watched at all times.

Been thinking of giving Andrew Tate's Hustler University and War Room a try because I don't know of anything else. Open to suggestions.

For brothers in the US, it may be pertinent to look into relocating to Dearborn MI, because that's where Sh. AMJ lives and when stuff goes down, I can think of no more fitting Amir than him. If nothing else he should be protected.

Our primary aim is protecting the Muslimeen. The kuffaar are on their own. May Allah protect us all.
Also, training physical fitness. Get in shape and build cardio. You have no idea how incredibly intense a real physical fight is until you've been in one. You're not helping anyone if you have a biryani belly and can't run a mile. Don't delude yourself into thinking mentality is enough. Physical training is essential.
Of course strengthening our Iman but that should always be a given at all times anyway.
Tax exempt status of Muslim orgs and mosques are on the line as well. Dont be surprised when your local Islamic school has to teach LGBT and when you complain, they tell you, sorry, but we can't lose our tax exempt status.
This is so unbelievably sad. I guess men aren't the only ones with waifu pillows anymore. Yet somehow this seems sadder for a woman.
GREAT NEWS for Muslim feminists! Your future hubby awaits.
Forwarded from Traditional Muslims (Traditional Muslims)
Reject factions, embrace Qur'an and Sunnah
Forwarded from Lanterns of Tawheed
"We should not eat Turkey and say our intention was otherwise; there are 364 days in the year for you to enjoy your Turkey, to choose that day (Thanksgiving) specifically is symbolically participating in their holidays."

— Shaykh Ahmad Musa Jibril حفظه الله

— copied from Haqq Hurts Hypocrites
Based and hilarious lol
☝️ May Allah guide Tristan and their whole circle to Islam