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The Innovation Culture

There is constant talk about how important innovation is. Many entrepreneurs agree that for a business to have optimum performance, there is the need to incorporate innovative strategies and capacities. Organisations, enterprises, hubs, know this to be true so, getting them to believe it is not an issue as much as getting them to actually… & Creative Space to hold first Cleantech and climate action stakeholders’ forum

The historic Paris Agreement on Climate Change that went into effect in 2016, has enabled countries around the world to become more intentional about their responses to the growing threat of climate change.
And as the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) draws nearer, world leaders are collectively gearing up to proffer…
Innovation Support Network (ISN Hubs) – Our Heritage

With centers of technological advancement and development being established across the globe, the emergence of innovation hubs has become quite an interesting trend.

The United States of America is reportedly home to the greatest hub of innovations and digital transformation – Silicon Valley.  With brands like Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and many others, massive tech…
4 ways innovation hubs are changing the way we do business

One of the most profound revolutions the world has witnessed so far is the emergence of innovation hubs which has become a catalyst for driving socio-economic change through innovation.
What is a Hub
A Hub is an environment that provides Entrepreneur Support Services to startups by providing access to four critical resources: skills, infrastructure, funding,…
How to become an Innovation-first Hub

Establishing an Innovation hub is one thing. Ensuring that it provides a fresh outflow of Innovative business-enhancing tools and ideas is another. One exciting thing about Innovation hubs is that they have the capacity to stimulate ideas from different angles and perspectives. 

Even if some of these ideas sound weird, they are encouraged. This allows…
Breaking: Innovation Support Network Set to Host 3rd Annual Gathering Event

The Nigerian innovation ecosystem is growing at an unprecedented pace with incredible prospects for the immediate and future socio-economic development of the country through the provision of solutions to societal issues as well as the creation of businesses, entrepreneurs, jobs, revenue, and other contributions to nation-building. 

To support the optimization of this capacity, as well…