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πŸ’₯New! πŸ‘ŒYour personal northern❄️ fairytale🐳🐾 beyond the Arctic Circle πŸ—ΊπŸ’­ with personal transfers 🚘 from Murmansk airport✈️! Hottest destinations🏞 to catch up the northern lights πŸ’« of aurora borealis.☺️ The aurora season is open from September till May, with the most beautiful flashesπŸ’« in the winter months❄️. πŸ‘πŸ˜„
πŸ‘‰Visit the shores of the northern fjord in Murmansk πŸš—:
πŸ‘‰Discover ethnic village of northern peoples saams LovozeroπŸš™:
πŸ‘‰Follow the aurora borealis and feel the power of the Arctic Ocean🌊 on the shore of the Barents Sea in Teriberka🚘:
Conquer the northern peaks of the Khibiny Mountains in the ski resorts of Kirovskβ›·πŸ‚:
And more other distinctive destinations 🧳 from Murmansk airportπŸ›¬
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πŸ’Œ Is Valentine's Day celebrated worldwide? 🌎 How exactly is Valentine's Day traditionally celebrated in different countries?πŸ’ž Is Valentine’s Day celebrated in Spain? What is the capital of Valentine's day? 🎁 Ideas for gifts for Valentine's day.πŸ’


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πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈπŸ§³πŸ—ΊAhead of the travel season Intui continues to expand the geography 🌍 of airport transfer offers from professional transport companies.🚘 Sunny Island - Gran Canaria Spain🌞, Denver USA🌟, San-Diego USAπŸ’₯. How and who can travel to these towns❓ ⭐️ Safety trip from the airport to the town. ✈️

⏭ Read this news in 3 minutes and find hereπŸ”Ž the needed transfer service πŸ”—
🧨Good news: you can travel! πŸ’₯(and I want to add β€œ.. and it is necessary!”)). More than a million flights were flown worldwide during the pandemic, according to data compiled by the IATA. And - just a few cases of transmission, infection with the virus during the flight. Thus, air travel remains one of the safest means of transportation.
And from the airportπŸ›¬ to get to the hotel 🏨or any address 🏘- safely on a special transfer🚘. Transfer from the airport to the hotel - a car with a driverπŸš—.
To carry out activities for passenger transportation, transport companies, as well as hotels, have special requirements - sanitary protocols. Only those companies that use these protocols are allowed to provide transportation services. To be sure of your own comfort, you can choose at a car by year of manufacture and customer reviews!
We wish you a safe and pleasant journey! 🌟
Bursa, the fourth largest city in TurkeyπŸŒ†, with around three million inhabitants, is one of the most culturally and industrially developed cities.Bursa, where silk is born in Turkey is a very beautiful city to visit and discoverπŸš—. Each area has its characteristics, food and culture that make it very different from the others and that are worth exploring. Yenisehir International Airport (YEI)πŸ›¬ is open for the comfortable reception of touristsπŸ™‹ wishing to relax in Bursa and its surroundings.
Bursa is called the green city, since it is surrounded by parks and hillsπŸŒ³πŸŒΏπŸ€. In the city center, you will find most of the tourist attractions. 5 places in Bursa Turkey that are must to see.