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Welcome to the official channel! Go to to read about everything related to the interview preparation. From resume to algorithms to compensation – it's all here.
New on create an account and track your progress. Complete interview preparation sections, solve problems, and see how much you are prepared for the interviews – now in percentages!
Article of the week:

Check it out to see some of the best books for software engineers.
Article of the week:

An article with some simple Leetcode problems that are perfect for beginners. Share them with somebody to encourage them to start solving algorithm problems!
Article of the week:

Check it out for advice and tips on how to write a good resume, and for a software engineer's resume template.
Article of the week:

Mock interviews are an important and very helpful part of the interview preparation. Find out what mock interviews are and how you can organize one here:
Article of the week: Learning algorithms

Find out which algorithms you need to know for the coding interviews, and how to study them.
Article of the week: Applying to companies

Learn how, when, and where to apply to the companies to get to the interview.
Happy New Year!

Article of the week: Visas and Immigration

Learn more about visas and immigration policies in different countries.
Article of the week: Math

Learn some important math-related algorithms, and practice solving math-related coding problems!