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We’ve released the interview with Ilya Karpinskiy, MRGV fund.

I strongly recommend everyone who’s eager to multiply the growth of their project to watch this video. Explore the mindset of an investor and entrepreneur.

Conversation highlights:

- How to pitch your game to an investor? A roadmap for finding investors.
- How to present your idea and plans?
- How to get as much money from an investor as possible? What factors influence the final sum?
- What is the difference between the MRGV fund and other companies that invest and buy out studios?

- What problems beyond financial ones, does an investor solve?
- Do projects always need an investor?
- What influences the success of the project more: a cool concept or a talented and well-coordinated team?
- How to invest in a team correctly to provide them with everything they need and not to break the bank?
- What are the opportunities for gaming companies in the current turbulent period of 2020?

Enjoy the interview! #interview #investment
We understand that for most of our freelance workers work from home situation is usual. But not for big companies. And probably after the pandemic most companies won’t return to the offices, so remote work skills are a must-have now. We talked to our gamedev colleagues and found out life hacks for being an effective remote worker.

Here are just a few:
— Synchronize lunches with your colleagues to know for sure when they are having a break.
— Have a discussion-calls once a day that would be an alternative to chats at the coolers and coffee machines.
— Use statuses in Slack and other messengers to show that you are busy, on a lunch break or on the contrary you are ready to discuss situational tasks.
— Seemingly a trivial task—make plans for the day. This method works greatly at Inlingo and gives phenomenal results although it was hard to implement.

Read this article:
As a CEO, I start my work day at 5 a.m. and I often check the latest reports around 1 or 2 in the morning. And I enjoy every single day and rarely get tired. Practicing daily meditation helps me to be dynamic, multitask, and clearly see my goals in business and achieve them.

We’ve recorded an interview for BDinGD with Igor Berkhin, one of the most respected meditation mentors in the modern Russian-speaking world.

We talked about meditation, business, and the way they are connected.

For example, we discussed how to strike a balance between positivity and realism in communication with employees, where to look for energy after an emotional breakdown, how to use meditation to increase efficiency.

Igor, thank you for the interview. And big thanks for the message to game developers.

Link in the first comment
Our interview with Maria Lesk from Daedalic Entertainment on localization is out! We talk about how localization works at Daedaliс, how to convince the decision makers to start localizing earlier, and how to deal with players' subjective observations about game translations.

Watch it on YouTube and subscribe to our channel—our team has a lot of new videos in store.
Our interview with Ilya Karpinsky is out in text.

Ilya is a godsend for developers who have made or are planning to make a game, but don't quite understand what their next step should be: where to find money for post-production, how to promote their product or where to release it. Ilya explains the right way to pitch your game, what exactly a convertible loan is, and how MY.GAMES can help projects in early-access stages.

Check this out if you haven't seen the video or you prefer to read rather than watch. It'll take you about 25 mins:
Hello everyone, it's been a while!

Together with the MYTONA team, we created another big and excellent case study — about our localization of the Hidden Object games: Seekers Notes and Ravenhill.

The study covers:
🔹The experience of building up localization process both on the client’s and the vendor’s side;
🔹Important factors to be considered when translating Hidden Object games;
🔹Localization examples from both games.

Thanks to all our awesome translators whose excellent work made this case study happen!

Here’s the link.
Happy International Translation Day!

This is our professional holiday and a great reason to thank our translators for the great work you do. It’s you who make our clients happy and wealthy and it’s you who help players all around the world enjoy excellently translated games.

Thank you for working with us every day and choosing Inlingo––we appreciate you a lot and we do our best to make your work comfortable and interesting. Cheers!
Localization into Japanese is very complicated. The Inlingo team has identified three genuinely tricky pitfalls that a translator into Japanese can face. How can just two symbols become 15, why are women in Japan much more modest than men, and what impression is created by a flower gifted to a seriously ill person?

We've identified three types of pitfalls and will show you how to avoid them.

Check this article out.
Hi! Long time no see. We send you warm wishes from INLINGO!

Thank you for your professional attitude, trust, and cooperation, one more year is completed We're aiming for higher goals and we are glad to have you as a partner ☺️

May the upcoming year bring more fruitful results, great performances, peace, and happiness.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!
Two of our artists tried to find an art style for a medieval VN project based on the same task description. Which one do you like better, the bright vivid render on the left or softer, pastel-like render on the right? Check the characters on our ArtStation and tell me what you think.
A few months ago, we released an article titled «Localization: What’s included in the cost?», and we've been getting feedback on it ever since. Some of our developer partners share their opinion on what they get for their money when they outsource localization, and why it's worth it.

Svetlana Panova, a Localization Project Manager at Playrix, shared her vision. Thanks for the valuable insight! Read the comment here:
Sending warm wishes for a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! 🎄

May this season bring love and countless moments of happiness into your life.
May the New Year bring you numerous interesting projects, professional and personal achievements, peace, and success.
Enjoy this wonderful time with your loved ones and have Happy Holidays!

Sincerely yours,
We're glad to announce that we're recruiting for the new season of INLINGO Internship!

Beginners in the translation field have an opportunity to get real experience and start career as game localization specialists.
By learning from our team of professional and friendly editors and project managers, you will improve your translation skills and delve deeper into the working process of localization studio.

How to become an intern at INLINGO:

-follow the link and check language pairs at
-apply to the internship
-complete a test translation provided by one of our vendor managers
-get your invitation according to the result of evaluation

The number of participants is limited. We're flexible as to time frames, dates of the internship can be discussed.
If you are a student, a recent graduate, or just decided to switch career to game localization, feel free to apply :)
Recommendations are welcomed!

#translation #internship #localization #gamelocalization
We’re glad to announce our attendance at the White Nights Conference in Belgrade on February 8-9, 2023!
Meet our CEO Pavel Tokarev to discuss art, localization, narrative design and voiceover.
We’re expanding our team and looking for a BD Manager to join us in the Europe region & UAE.
Apply via this link:
Since 2020, Inlingo has been welcoming students from universities across the world for internships. One of these universities is University of Vigo in Spain.
Here's an insight into how we work with students from Spain, the results our interns achieve, and what they say about the program.
The InlingoArt team started working in mid-2021. Since then, we've managed to bring dozens of visual projects to life. Our team of artists can take developers’ most daring ideas and make them a reality, whether through 2D and 3D character development, environment designs, or icon creation for match-3 games.

In this article, we discuss how we spark joy with our art and win the hearts of our clients and players.
On this special day, we celebrate the incredible women in our lives. Wishing you all the love, strength, and happiness in the world.
Happy Women's Day to all the amazing women out there!