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Guys, during the week some ideas came up in the IDX groups, suggested by community members, about creating an IDX token. This would be a DEFI Token that would be integrated into the IDX blockchain in the future, after completing the updates to integrate Smart Contrats into the network.
The suggested idea would be to make an ERC-20 DEFI token and name it Index Chain or another name chosen by the community. All DEFI functions - including Stake, Governance and LP power would be present. This ERC-20 DEFI IDX token will only be used to reward everyone holding an Index Chain, until a date to be defined. After distribution, all undistributed tokens will be burned. In this way, people who have IDX would receive this new token; therefore, those who do not have them would not receive them. There will be no pre-sales or exchange of IDX for the new token. Everyone would continue with their IDX and this process would have no effect on the evolution of the original project or the work of updating and integrating Smart Contracts. In order to have control and liquidity in the DEFI token market, there would be an Intelligent contract to gradually release the value of the tokens to users. The Index Chain DEFI token would also be created, along with the platform for a Farm or mining pool. In addition to burning, we would seek to strengthen the project by encouraging Index Chain Hold with the programming of airdrops, with programmed time intervals, for the addresses that would be maintaining Index Chain. Obviously, this would be done in the form of a Smart contract, since the DEFI model allows us all of this. We would open a POOL with all the necessary instructions for the community to carry out its operations and move between the two networks at no cost.

This is a sum of ideas and suggestions given by the community, all ideas are very good and add a lot of value. Send yours!
This process will only be done with the community's decision. Are you in favor of the proposal described above?
Anonymous Poll
Progress of the Week $IDX in preparation of the new code to start the integration of Smart Contracts. Fasten your seat belts, there's a lot of news coming, things are happening and progressing, be prepared!

Guys, during the week some ideas came up in the IDX groups, suggested by community members, about creating an IDX token. This would be a DEFI Token that would be integrated into the IDX blockchain in the future, after completing the updates to integrate Smart…

Attention to all - What the community asks for, we listen and listen! We managed to enter into a partnership with a Canadian company based in Toronto that aims at cutting edge technology and this made it possible to build the next dream within the IDX community.
All details will be announced soon as well as definition of supply and token name chosen by the community.

We will benefit all Index Chain Holds 5 times. Exactly, 5 times the market value you have in Index Chain.

How is it going to be?

You will receive 5x the market value you have in Index Chain during the IDdrop Token DEFI Airdrop.

If you have the equivalent of 1 bitcoin of market value in Index Chain, you will receive the equivalent of 5 bitcoins in IDX Token DEFI.
If you have the equivalent of 2 bitcoin in Index Chain, you will receive the equivalent of 10 Bitcoins in IDX Token DEFI, and so on.

Rules to qualify for the distribution of the IDFI Token DEFI:
- Have more than 5,000 IDX
- Fill and send the form until 10/15/2020
- The reference value will be that of the market at 20:00 on 10/18/2020
- It will not be accepted in any way sending the forms after the established date.

IDX Token will be a totally DEFI Project, built on the Ethereum network, with options of Stake, LP, Pair the IDX Token DEFI with any other Defi project for building% APY for Farm and countless other options. Including development of NFT within the network, rewarding miners with rare finds within mining, which can be sold in their own market.

IDX Token will have a super reduced supply, aiming at higher value per currency.
All detailed information will be published in an official announcement during the week, and we are contacting our youtuber to spread the news during the week as well.

I hope everyone is happy. We accept all kinds of suggestions and appreciate it!
πŸ‘‰ Attention!, Make your registration only by the link below. No other link is true.
πŸ‘‰ Attention! Your ETH address for receiving the Index Chain - ERC20 DEFI, must be a METAMASK address for connection to the platforms, download at:

βœ… Form:

➑️ This registration entitles you to the 1st DeFi Token Index Chain Distribution.
Always aiming for the good of the Index Chain and the community that trusts in the project, we will initially make available 3 airdrops, with necessary requirements in number of currencies to be able to participate.

πŸ₯‡ You must have more than 5,000 IDX to be eligible for 1st Distribution. x5

⭐️ You must have more than 30,000 IDX to be eligible for 2nd Distribution. (Details coming soon)

🏡 You must have more than 150,000 IDX to be eligible for 3rd Distribution. (Details coming soon)

πŸš€ Index Chain - ERC20 will be a DeFI, Farm project, with LP, Stake, Swap, Governance and several other cutting edge features!
Development progress = 65%. Expectation to open to the public: 18/10 (11 days). Mining Lps start: 11/01.

‼️You will need to send 5$ in Ethereum to cover the fees (33%), necessary to make the 3 transactions costing around 15$ to sign the contract for sending Defi IDX Tokens, the other 67% of the fees will be paid by IDX.
Which 6 first coins should we stop to build LP for Stake in the DEFI Index Chain? Vote only 6 options.
Rules for receiving the DEFI IDX Token Distribution:

- Do not move the IDX coins from the described wallet (s) until the end of the airdrop.
- It is defined that sales of coins won on airdrop will not happen in the first 45 days.
- Shipments will be made in 2 (two) installments as follows:
- The 1st installment containing the full amount it has in INDEX CHAIN. The shipment will take place on 11/01/2020.
- The 2nd installment containing 4x the value of Aidrop.
- To be eligible for the 2nd shipment, it is necessary to respect the 1st and 2nd rules. The shipment will take place on 12/15/2020.
- Please pay attention to these conditions so that the process proceeds properly.

Soon we will bring more news regarding the supply and other definitions.
Running against the clock to honor the dates. Farm for IDX Token DEFI is almost 100% complete.
Attention to All, given the necessary changes that were made to Token Defi and FARM IDX will be called CyberChain - CYBER (

Tomorrow the token will be delivered, then the platform for the farm. Mining table:

Farming Start Reward 0.15:
Change Reward for 0.07:

We are also working on a way to make a connection between Cyberchain and Indexchain where users can migrate from one to the other within IDX's Farm.

More news coming soon!
Good morning everyone,
It is with great pleasure, that we came to report, that the Token and the contracts are 100% ready.
We will start today to send the Tokens.

More Airdrops will come, including airdrops here in the group, at different times. (randomly). Also for active members.

Cyber Chain Token:

Farm Cyber Chain Master Contract: