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How Can We Change Our DNA Right Now?
According to Gregg Braden’s research, we are only utilizing 22 of the 64 codons in our DNA. What might we be capable of doing if all of the codons in our DNA were turned on? Perhaps we could perform every latent metaphysical ability such as healing ourselves and others (including this planet), telepathy, teleporting ourselves anywhere, bilocating, manifesting anything out of thin air, seeing into other dimensions, etc...
~Gregg Prescott
....but it's just a conspiracy theory
Ontario, *yesterday*... and yet Florida is still doing better despite no masks or lockdowns
Dr Fraud issues important PSA to peaceful protesters..
That's a badge of honor
According to the CDCs website unexplained deaths are up significantly since vaccinations have begun.
....because Obama made MSM propaganda LEGAL
Sure forced sterilization of ethnic and religious minorities is bad, but did you hear that Georgia expanded its early voting?
what's next?
Need more proof?
I believe it
Which Pluto Generation Are You?
Pluto is known as the 'Destroyer' and will tell you what life challenges you will have. Each generation has a different location for Pluto on their birth charts along with corresponding energies that create generational effects within each one of these astrological signs.
~Gregg Prescott
If Chauvin is declared innocent, BLM will riot.
If Chauvin is declared guilty, BLM will riot.
Expect riots.
This is a DIVERSION and so are the three recent mass shootings. There's something much bigger going on in the background and it involves the END of central banks.
Is What I’m Feeling All 'Mine'?
As an energetic and sensitive being, you can be sure that your emotions, perspectives, and physical ailments are not usually 'all yours'. You are constantly processing and responding to information that you receive from all of the frequencies in and around you, as well as those from mass consciousness or from the “oneness” of which we are all part and connected. For light workers, empaths, or others of higher frequency, that impact is even greater than it is for the rest of the population.
New documents obtained by Townhall show Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters requested an armed police escort to Minneapolis over the weekend. Imagine asking for the police to come with you and protect you as you go to a protest and tell the protesters to keep protesting against the police.