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Message for users from non-English speaking countries.
Now you can help your friends by translating IITC into your language!
Go to the service https://weblate.iitc.app, there you can already localize the interface IITC Mobile and IITC Button.
And, yes, the domain of IITC-CE website has now been changed to a simple https://iitc.app
​​I Love Free Software Day

The I Love Free Software Day was initiated by the Free Software Foundation Europe to thank all free software developers. As IITC is open source as well, lots of developers around the world have contributed to our project. We'd like to thank everyone who contributed: You help us build an even better IITC every day. If you are interested in helping us as well, please check our GitHub repository.

We also invite you to record a short video (no longer than a minute) about why you use IITC-CE and how this tool helps you when playing Ingress (or even Pokemon Go).
It would be great if it was recorded in the background of your local landmark and in your native language (but then please duplicate the text in English).

Please send your videos to our telegram chat.
​​The new addition of Drones to Ingress has brought a fun new way to explore the Portal Network from home. With this new feature came the need to have a tool to help plan routes. This prompted agent @tehstone to create the 'Ingress Drone Path' IITC plugin which provides a variety of map overlays to assist in planning Drone routes.

This plugin draws a 500 meter circle around the selected portal and draws all Level 16 S2 grid cells through which that circle passes. All portals within these cells are highlighted. Additionally the plugin highlights portals that would be a one-way jump from the selected portal.

Additional tools to create and save routes are planned.

You can download this plugin from the GitHub repository.
For IITC Button users: If you were among those who received the wrong update, you may have experienced the disabling of all plugins and the inability to enable them. Unfortunately, the update was not tested enough to work with old user data.

Please don't worry and don't delete the extension: all your data is safe.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to go back to the previous version, but the corrected update will be published within a few days.

From the main, the new version of IITC Button integrates standard IITC-CE plugins and your third-party plugins, so you will like the update =)

UP: Fixed version is already available in Firefox Add-ons and Chrome Web Store.
While we are working on getting out a new release of IITC-CE, the intel is now showing new ornaments for Volatile Scout Controller Portals (VSCPs) (see @NianticOfficial for details).

IITC-CE (V0.30.1) and IITCm fail to load and show portals properly, if ornaments are turned "off" (the default is "on").

Workaround 1: leave ornaments active.
Workaround 2: use the testing builds on IITC.APP, these already have the needed fixes.

Stay tuned for the upcomming updates.
Great news! We have Beta channel in Google Play now!
Every change merged into master comes to beta (with some delay needed for Google approving).
Current master already has very important fixes, so it is highly recommended to join Beta!

Note: Beta is not the same as test-builds, it is much more stable

iitc.app site provides Beta app directly, it is also available in archive (it is possible to install it over release, all the data will be preserved)

IITC Buttons users: you can switch to Beta channel in Settings!

A new release is coming and you can greatly help us complete the translation into your native language on our translation platform.
On the first day of new year, we present you big update of IITC-CE, containing many accumulated improvements and fixes.

Thanks to community for their help with translating IITC-CE components on our translation platform.

# Download IITC-CE
for desktop browsers on IITC-CE website
for Android on Google Play
third-party iOS app on Apple Store

As a reminder, you can now join the beta testing on Google Play.

The project is supported by community, and you can support it financially by donate.


# Changelog:

## IITC main script

### enhancements
- Added localization of the mobile application in some languages #323
- Added a start screen at first start of IITC Mobile #323
- boot.js: change earth radius constant for more precise distance calculations #340
- update upstream sources: jQuery #369, spectrum.js #382

### bugfixes
- Fix some scoreboard issues #318
- Fix dialogs to fit to small viewport (e.g. on mobile) #330
- Fix Modal Dialogs to be top-most #331
- Enhance map bounds limiting #339
- Fix bug with markers rendered with canvas #360
- Fix bug when it was unable to share portals with some special symbols #393
- Use plextContinuationGuid to use requests like stock intel #409

### development
- build_plugin.py: some code can be placed outside of wrapper #356
- build.py: fix to support Python 3.8.2 #359
- change homepage references iitc.modos189.ru -> iitc.app #329
- introduce Beta update channel, containing all current changes from master #305
- Generate meta file for F-Droid #424

## Plugins

### new
- multi-projects-extension: allows to create and work with and on different plans, setups or ideas at the same time without leaving IITC or changing into a different browser profile #312

### enhancements
- privacy-view: reimplemented; support mobile view #344
- cross-links: improved calculation #333
- fly-link: updated to 0.4.0, see #310 for details
- draw-tools: added setting to merge or overwrite draw tools when importing #406

### bugfixes
- draw-tools: fix touch issues in more proper way #316
- draw-tools: fix position of middle edit marker for geo lines #342
- draw-tools: fixes errors of importing and exporting Draw Tools #422
- basemap-kartverket: update layer name #350
- fix-china-map-offset: apply fix from upstream #351
- bookmarks: markers not updateing after SYNC #415
- sync: reverting sync back to gapi.auth2.authorize to be able to synchronize other plugins themselves #415
- scale-bar: fix scale bar on mobile on non-google maps #311

## IITC-Mobile app
- fix Facebook login #367
- improve debug console #345
- introduce Beta channel in Google Play, updating automatically with every change in master #305


Thank you for using IITC-CE.

Portal history provided by intel is now supported by IITC-CE!

- History values are now displayed in portal details (visited | captured | scout controlled)
- New highlight-portal-history plugin, with 4 basic highlighters:
- visited/captured
- scout controlled
- not visited/captured
- not scout controlled
- API: history field is now in portal data.

Join the Beta version to get this update.

You may also like these third-party plugins:

Portal History Flags by EisFrei — Shows Visited/Captured/Scouted status as a line around the portal.

Live Inventory by EisFrei — Show current ingame inventory (need C.O.R.E. subscription)

Player Inventory by jaiperdu — Advanced tabbed inventory view (need C.O.R.E. subscription)
​​IITC-CE v0.32.0

IITC-CE update available with accumulated changes transferred from beta.

# Main changes:

- Support portal history and new plugin highlight-portal-history
- ESLint rules and package.json
- fix Android KitKat support
- IITC Mobile: improve intent-filter for plugins, fixing crashes on some devices
- many minor fixes

See full changelog

At least 18 people were involved in preparing translations for this release.

Thanks to community for their help with translating IITC-CE components on our translation platform.

# Download IITC-CE
for desktop browsers on IITC-CE website
for Android on Google Play
third-party iOS app on Apple Store

# Donate

Since the last post on January 17, 2020, we have received $418.17 from 21 contributors. Of that, $243.11 was spent on site infrastructure: server and domain name. We also bought new equipment for additional IITC-CE testing.

You can also support the project financially by making a donation.


Thank you for using IITC-CE.

​​IITC-CE v0.32.1

A bug fix release is available:

- Fixes for loading plugins
- Fix stock Intel exception
- Fix icon in toolbox of multi projects extension

See full changelog


Thank you for using IITC-CE.

Usually in this channel we don't publish news about IITC Button update. But today I want to tell you about a rather useful plugin Ultimate Mission Maker, support for which has been implemented in new IITC Button v1.7.0.

Ultimate Mission Maker (UMM) is a plugin designed to simplify mission submission process in banners. The UMM allows you to set banner parameters (such as name, description, etc.) directly in IITC, draw a path for missions, and then export to Niantic's mission authoring tool.

Why didn't this plugin work with IITC Button before v1.7.0 update? Due to the fact that Intel map address was changing, some old unupdated plugins are restricted to work only with old Intel map address. So, before IITC Button v1.7.0 update, all plugins for Ingress were forced to run on new address, regardless of which address the plugins were meant for. However, this solution has disadvantages: UMM plugin can not run on https://missions.ingress.com/, and some .user.js files that are not plugins for IITC, on the contrary, are forced to run.
IITC Button now adds a value parser @match/@include, which determines whether plugin is intended for Ingress and also IITC or a mission authoring tool.

Let me remind you, IITC Button (get it on Firefox Add-ons and Chrome Web Store) is a simple extension for players, allowing you to get IITC in your browser without proper skills and easily enable the necessary plugins. But if you're an experienced developer, you'll probably like Tampermonkey/Greasemonkey/Violentmonkey.
As for plugin support, IITC Button currently has almost all the features that third-party plugins could use, but if your plugin works in *monkey but doesn't work in IITC Button, feel free to open the issue.