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🔥 IEP's first game jam starts in 2 weeks!

ℹ️ In Combination Jam, each participant makes one level of a game which will be combined into a single full game!
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🎤 Dasher was reviewed on 35th episode of Scratching the itch podcast: (starting from 20:11)
📢 Combination Jam has been started!

🔥 New information about character design with enter & exit methods are updated to jam page

ℹ️ You can still join the jam until it finishes and participants don't have to make a game:
🖌 Sketch drawn from Game Jam's character (Jeremy) by Nathan R.
👌 Oculus Quest version of Backrooms is now published!

As many of users requested, VR version of Backrooms can now be sideloaded to Oculus Quest 1 & 2.

I’ve also submitted Backrooms VR to SideQuest and it should be approved there in about a week. However users can sideload the APK file as well.

itch post:
It's been 10 years since I made my first game! 🥳🎉

Read more:
🔥 Backrooms update version 1.6 is out!

ℹ️ SteamVR support, better camera control for android, running in free mode and more...

Read more and update:

You can also enjoy a silly meme of my other game Cute Adblocker 👆😁
🔥 PSVita port of Backrooms by MEGAgameBoy

MEGAgameBoy has ported Backrooms to PSVita using its unity source!

ℹ️ You can download it from here if you have a modded PSVita:
🔥 Hackniom Online is published!

ℹ️ This is my first cross-platform multiplayer game which is based on my 2013 game called Hackniom.

⬇️ Official pages and download:
itch page:

Game Jolt page:

My website:

📲 Direct downloads: