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Do you think you need an IELTS teacher to succeed on the test? You are probably right, but there are some hidden things you want to know. Here is the link to the article which will enclose some more details on that topic.
There has been a rise in the numbers of people affected by the novel #coronavirus (COVID-19). Due to this, #IELTS Partners are taking extra precautions when it comes to the test. For most testing locations, testing is continuing. The purpose is not to disrupt international higher education. Everybody is taking extra safety measures in exam locations.

If you have come in contact with those suspected to have the virus, better postpone taking the exam. Also, if you show the signs of the infection, refrain from taking the exam. Depending on the region the test is being taken, extra precautions might be in place.

Some regions suspended the test in line with official health regulations until further notice. As the situation is quickly getting worse, more areas might have to suspend the exams. To see whether your area will offer exams, you may visit the official IELTS website:

If you are going to attend the exam, make sure to follow extreme hygienic precautions. We recommend that you wear a mask on test day. Wash your hands before arriving at the test centre as well as throughout the day.

These are most of the updates we could give for now. Follow our social media accounts for more updates. Stay safe, and take the additional time as an advantage to practice more!