Now to see if anything will be done with all of that since our Prime-minister thinks he is above the law!
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Mr. Moe, Why Do I Have To Kill Myself?
So I had a very interesting thing happen today. Please be aware.

I have been just re-approved as a rapid tester in Saskatchewan. And one of the larger testing companies in Saskatchewan started slandering my name as an “AntiVaxxer” and stated that I had been charged with spreading misinformation.

It was news to me because I just received a criminal records check back and my record was clear. I may be against this so called vaccine but I don’t ridicule people who make the choice that they feel is right for them.

Anyhow, I contacted that company and originally I think they hung up me because I told them I was reporting them to the Ministry of Health for slandering my name.

The owner called me back and we had a lengthy conversation. Apparently there was another Shannon from Wadena - that had taken their disclosure documents and used it for her business. Basically a copyright infringement.....I am guessing. At least that is what it sounded like.

I agreed that this lady should not have done that. But it was assumed that this person was me since my name was also Shannon.

We agreed to discuss it with our staff. And I have to say that I have respect for the owner of this business now and glad we had that conversation.

If you hear of any rumours in the future about me or my rapid testing business - SLA Mobi Lab Services, please contact me at 306-471-1048.
Go to the domain and see what it does. Some are saying elon musk owns that domain but no one can prove it! Too funny!
Hi everyone. In the past couple of weeks I quit my healthcare job. There were many reasons why but the one that covers them all was that I had been in burnout mode for several months now.

Now that I am starting to get back on the positive side, I have decided to get my group sessions going again. On February 23rd at 7:30 pm CST (sask time), I will be hosting the first group session. The title: Rebuilding back from pandemic (or plandemic) burnout.

We will be using the method I am trained in - Natural BioEnergetics. Which is a great tool in these stressful areas.

Please share to anyone you know may be suffering from plandemic burnout.

Here is the link to register:
Wanted to share this video of a friend from Weyburn who is out in the trenches in Ottawa. Her live feeds are severely getting suppressed as of today but if you could go to her wall and start sharing her live feeds so that they start getting out.
Our Monday night group session for Covid Burnout starts at 7 pm tonight sasktime (MST).

Now a subscription fb group available where the livestream will be available if you can’t make the zoom session.

Register here: