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Hyper ESP v1.4.6 Updates

• Fixed teammate display, now it shows your teammate & enemies properly
• Added TeamID tag next to Player/AI tag
Hyper Shield v2.2.1.9M Updates

• Fixed compatibility with other emulators (Bluestack & LDPlayer)

Hello, just wanted to put it in here...
If you are very inclined to have a custom ID and 30d subs, please contact @Foxxx94 here on Telegram.

I'm not sure why some people really wanted it, but thankful none the less.
Otherwise, please feel free to grab the free accounts, there aren't any limit on how many accounts you can grab...
HyperESP v1.4.7 Update

• Fixed problem with ESP not working on some phones
• Added Touch Simulation Aimbot (ALPHA - READ WARNING!!)
• Minor UI changes
• Added Support for other PUBGM versions
• Updated for PUBGM v1.3.0

• Touch Simulation Aimbot will not work if you see a message of "Local Player Not Identified" on Top-Right of your screen, when you are in a match, if you are in lobby, it's normal to see this. You need to restart PUBGM & ESP to fix this if you see the message while in a match.
• Touch Simulation Aimbot is only tested on LDPlayer & Samsung Galaxy S10+.
• There's a very high possibility that it may not work on your phone! If your phone freeze, or you're unable to touch properly, restart your phone, if that's not possible, you need to do a force shutdown!
• OnePlus Force Shutdown: Volume Up + Power Button
• Samsung Force Shutdown: Volume Down + Bixby Button + Power Button
HyperHack.Net - PUBGM & CODM Emulator and ESP
HyperESP v1.4.7 Update Changelogs • Fixed problem with ESP not working on some phones • Added Touch Simulation Aimbot (ALPHA - READ WARNING!!) • Minor UI changes • Added Support for other PUBGM versions • Updated for PUBGM v1.3.0 ⚠️ TOUCH AIMBOT WARNING…
Clarifying about the "Local Player is Not Identified"

You can ignore this message if you are in lobby, this is only for when you are in the match, so it's normal to see this in lobby, but if you see it during the match, and you are not driving, then you need to restart the pubgm and esp for the esp to work properly.
Fixed Issue with PUBGM Global,
Update was done from server-side.

ESP should work now, no need to re-download.
Can anyone help test the PUBGM Emulator Bypass?
I've just updated the bypass for PUBGM from server side and trying it, it seems to be ok.

— PS:
I know I suck at this game, don't burn me :P
Hello people,
For those of you who uses MEmu or wanted to use MEmu.
Here's a solution so that the bypass will work.

Install BusyBox from playstore & make sure the location is in "/system/xbin".
No need to wait for Smart Install, just Install it right away & after you're done. Try the bypass again, it should work.

BusyBox Link:

Need more guidance?
Here's a video on how to do it...

— PS:
May also work for Nox or PhoenixOS? I don't know, give it a try and tell us?
If your error is "Game not installed", this will likely help.
Maintenance done,
Tweaked CODM match making formula slightly,
It should match you in ranked game much faster now.
Updated bypass for PUBGM,
Maybe it's better now...?

I know I didn't win the game,
I'm not very good 😅
HyperShield v2.2.2.0.M


• Added PhoenixOS Support (Tested on DarkMatter v4.7)
• Minor Interface Changes
• Save your game mode
• Hide Root does not work on PhoenixOS
Hi, how're you guys?
I've been trying to purposefully try to get my own account detected & banned for 2 months since some people still seems to be getting 2 months ban.
Even when the majority of the users seems to be OK.

Here's the result, I've tested this multiple time in order to guarantee the result.
So by no mean ever do the thing below, you'll 100% get banned.
Especially for PUBGM.

• Have you ever logged into your emulator with "Emulator Detected" message?
- If yes, your emulator has been marked & saved. You can try clearing everything and change your device ID etc, but it's better to just create a new emulator & redownload PUBGM.
- Not doing those things will 100% result in 2 months emulator ban in your next match.
• Never try to log into your game account without the bypass to avoid those things.

I'll try to see the bare minimum requirement to avoid these without redownloading if I have some more time.
But I suggest you do this for now.

Some things the user shared on their own experience.
this trick me ,, before bypass must change id and restar emulator,, after that run bypass

If you want to share something, comment away, and tag me if you don't need to do those redownloading stuff,
I'll try to add it to the post.
Today will be the last day of Hyper public availability.
Tomorrow onward, there won't be any accounts created anymore.

Maybe sometimes in the future it'll be public again, but not for now.
Nor will I'll be opening this for sale,
I do not want the responsibility of keeping your account safe in exchange for money,
and I do not wish to deal with refunds.
Maybe that'll last a while while I'm trying to consider other options...

Oh, also maybe don't use the ESP, it seems to be getting detected.
Not sure, maybe I'll try to fix it, maybe not... We'll see 🤔
This bypass will not be public anymore.
It was fun while it lasted, cheers 👍

I will not sell it due to people expectation that it'll never be patched o.O
Just a short message for anyone who still have access to HyperShield.
PUBGM Bypass is fixed for Global & KRJP Version.
No APK update needed.
It has been tested for quite a bit and the result is promising,
So if you wanted to try that, go ahead.

PUBGM ESP is not updated yet however.

Also, this still applies.
Note of warning,
Hyper is not for sale.

If someone chat you saying they're an Admin of this channel,
They are very likely to be pretending.

There's only 2 admin of this channel.
@Kaltharos & @Bindassdrravi
Well, last time we got PUBGM bypass on HyperShield patched and other bypass gloated around a bit about it, selling their bypass in this channel.

I think I may be allowed to show off juuuusttt a little this time because Hyper dodged the bullet! 😏