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We also help take care of our users. That is why we warn about this type of scams where they promise very good profits in a short time. As the saying goes "sounds too good to be true"
Forwarded from Manuel Orellana
Hello everyone it is our technical brochure, we are working to do strategical business & financial relationship to start our public offer firstable intangible services as technical & financial advisoring, because to the large services we need to collect more capital.
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These are the first of many services we have available to our future multinational clients, we believe in the potential that exists in the oil, gas and construction jobs.

That is why Hotei Energy B.V comes to carry out these works with the highest technologies and qualified personnel.

You can contact us through our email
The work of drilling water wells is one of the most important contributions to the development of the livestock and agricultural area, after carrying out a detailed study of the soil, it is possible to determine the potential and durability of the water supply of these wells for sustainability of the field.

Hotei Energy B.V has a team specialized in both the study of soils and the drilling of wells, which includes the necessary machinery and the appropriate personnel to carry out the activity.

Contact us through our email to help you in the development of your activity.
For the agriculture and construction industry, a subsurface survey is vital to making the most of the natural resources below the surface.

With this study you will be able to know:

- Intelligent planning of absorption wells.
- Design of better location of green areas.
- Efficient use of groundwater for irrigation or consumption purposes.

Hotei Energy B.V has the equipment and personnel prepared for the study of subsoils, development and exploitation of the sources and water resources contained in its area.

Contact us through our email to help you in the development of your activity.
Hotei Energy - Goods & Services - Brochure.pdf
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Good evening, I send you the brochure of services offered by Hotei, this is the complete portfolio of services dedicated to the business of the company, with which we are making international contacts to obtain our first contracts and begin to offer returns to our investors.

Those who had doubts about what we would do and how we would use the money and despite our explanations, they still did not have it clear, well, these are our services. At the moment the only thing we are offering is the intangible services line, since for the rest the need for more capital continues.

I wanted to give you a more specific advance of what it is and what the company where you invested your money is about, from here we will obtain the dollars with which we will pay you and which you will be able to withdraw in cryptocurrencies, as you can see we are not a virtual or cryptocurrency company, we are a properly company.
Good evening.
Complete services to our customers in the agricultural sector who they need to exploit their land, increase their work and profits.

We are offering complete ground studies carried out by our qualified specialists in the area using state-of-the-art equipment to determine the opportunities that the land has for your activity.
We are offering a portfolio of high quality services focused on wells drilling for companies dedicated to the oil and gas industry that need the implementation of highly suitable and qualified material for the job.

You can contact us through our contact email
The president of El Salvador Nayib Bukele, assured that his government carried out the first Bitcoin mining with geothermal energy.

The way the world is embracing other forms of energy is growing exponentially. This time it was the turn of El Salvador that used a form of energy different from the traditional one to mine Bitcoin.

Let's remember that in the past Bitcoin mining was the main problem that the environment suffered from, however, that is about to change.

Little by little more countries and companies will join that want to change the traditional energy system for different energy sources, more functional and friendly to the environment and if it works to mine cryptocurrencies then it will work for other activities.

And companies like Hotei Energy B.V are at the forefront to provide this type of solutions in energy sources that work optimally.