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The buyer should be aware of how to use your product. To avoid any questions, you can add a well-written instruction. It will show that you are responsible for what you produce and that you care about your customers.

Types of instructions:

Descriptive - introduces the buyer with the product;

Scenario - step-by-step instructions.

The following formats are also distinguished::
🔸Recording the action from the device screen
🔸 Infographics - a selection of illustrations to quickly convey the essence
🔸 FAQ - a selection of answers to frequently asked questions

You choose the format yourself, depending on your product.

What structure should the instruction have?

▪️ Product Description
▪️ Overview of features
▪️ Description of work
▪️ How to fix faults

The best instructions are written in the form of dialogue with the reader. They are clear and tell you step by step what needs to be done, lead the client along.

On our services, you can also read the instructions for them.

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CR is the ratio of click / sell. It shows a loyalty to your product. The strength of the brand is immense. Apple is a prime example. The consumer is simply more loyal to him.

In order to increase brand's loyalty, you need to attract an audience and work with it. This is the whole point - to increase loyalty, that is, to increase the Conversion Rate.

▪️If CR is growing, then you are on the right track and are working with the audience correctly.

▪️If CR falls, then you are doing something wrong.

We advise you to evaluate this parameter when working.

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However interesting as your content is, there is a possibility that it may go unnoticed. Let's take a look at the ways you can attract and retain the attention of your customers.

▪️Structure and rhythm

Rhythm and clear structure perform two tasks. At the first stage, they make it easier to scan the text (the reader can quickly go through subheadings, look through lists, see pictures). If the user decides to read all the material, then the rhythm will help the text perception.


It takes a person less than a second to understand the meaning of the picture. Means what? Right. More beautiful high-quality images, which can also include some text. It’s desirable to use one image for 350 words of text.


Lists are just magic. Even when scrolling, they attract attention. Structure the content of the post. And, in principle, reading short lines is not so scary.

▪️Free space

Indents and margins keep the reader from getting tired of the text, maintaining balance and beauty. It also feels neat and pleasing.

And to understand whether your text has been read to the end or not, you can use tools like Metrics. You shouldn't rely on views and likes for evaluation😊.

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This summer, Instagram replaced the What's New? to the Stores tab. The feature allows users to make purchases from small businesses through this tab. However, not all products can be paid through the Instagram cart. Some sellers will link to their personal site. Filters by store categories are available, the feed shows recommendations for specific users.

And yes, as long as it is within the test. The test will show whether the conversion and traffic of the selling accounts will increase. So plug it in to try it.

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Choosing to make money on the Internet, sooner or later you will come across the fact that you need to have certain skills and knowledge. You can search for them yourself, or you can make it easier - contact the specialists. Below there is a list of the most popular courses and schools for studying marketing.


A very popular school. A wide choice of programs. There are also free webinars, just subscribe to the newsletter.

▪️ Convert Monster

A training course from a successful marketing agency. 3 month course, professional teachers. The first lesson is free.


The marketing course is designed for 2.5 months. Upon completion of training, a person receives a diploma, portfolio. They also have a very good blog.


Probably offering the best value for money. The best students get a chance to get an internship with partners.


The site cooperates with various countries and universities. A diploma is also awarded at the end of the course. Helps a lot to develop skills.

Also on Hipobonus.net you can find links to free courses from different schools.

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A brand book is a document that includes visual design, company values, its mission, and target audience. This is a complete set of work standards.

Due to brand book:

▪️There is no need to reconcile the visual.

▪️Increases brand awareness.

▪️New employees, getting acquainted with the brand book, get to know the company: rules, values, standards.

▪️There are always ready-made templates for orders.

What are the types of brand books?


The easiest option. Suitable for the first stages of development. There are company logo and colors.


Not only the visual part is included. Some features are indicated: mission, target audience, USP.


Complete brand book covering all aspects of work. Starting from the appearance, ending with the specifics of events.

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Congratulations! There are 100 000 users! In connection with this event, we give you 50% discount promocode for any plan - HIPO100. This promocode is valid ONLY TODAY!

2020 has shown everyone how important it is to be able to adapt your business to the conditions in the world.  And if online learning gradually took a place in people's lives, then with the pandemic all meetings, concerts, and events moved into the virtual world.  It's never too late to try to master a new format, so we suggest that you familiarize yourself with platforms that will allow you to work on the Internet as cool as in the online world.


Free live streams with chat.  Any format can be held: from educational lectures and seminars to entertainment concerts.  You can prepare and customize your meeting cover in advance.


Application number one for spring 2020.40 minutes of free communication from three people.  Video, audio, chats.

▪️Hangouts Meet

Google app.  There is no time limit.


Suitable for training.  Virtual worlds for all kinds of events.

▪️ Webinar.ru

Suitable for small webinars - 5 participants limit.


Also webinars.  Available for 25 participants.

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Successful earnings on the Internet are guaranteed if you know how to work with your audience. To do this, it is important to understand the differences between generations in order to establish communication with your target audience. In this post, we'll take a look at the features of Gen X and how to work with them.

▫️Generation X (1960 - 1979)

These are people striving for stability. They are ready to work hard, take in a large amount of information. Mostly very conservative. They value their time and their earnings very much. Cautious. But the most important thing for them is stability.

▫️How to work?

If your target audience is Generation X people, then you should adhere to know the following. Such people trust brands. They understand what a shortage of goods is. Such a target audience will read long texts of posts.Describe in them what benefit such a client will receive, why your product is better. Build your confidence by recruiting influencers and distribution channels.

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We continue to consider different categories of clients. In today's post, let's talk about Gen Y.

▫️Generation Y (1983 - 2000)

They work hard, striving for knowledge in various fields. They want to see information everywhere without water. Follow the changes in the world, trends and news. They can be conservative, but at the same time easy-going. They want the result "here and now" and live for their own pleasure.

▫️How to work?

Avoid long texts, generation Y needs to be hooked from the first seconds. They trust reviews, but not as blindly as Gen X trust in brands. They are more active in buying gadgets, cosmetics, sports equipment. They are interested in discounts and promotions. Advertising with short emotional messages works well for them. Good for interactive.

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Instagram has become a real business platform in 5 years. More and more people do not come to share photos. Almost every third person tries to make a commercial profile out of their account.

The social network itself is actively meeting such activities. Many new tools have been added that allow you to create online stores right on the site itself.

Now a few numbers:

▪️Potential advertising coverage on Instagram - 849.3 million people.

▪️On the social network, 2 million accounts place ads every month.

▪️Advertisers of the site can reach 52.9 million teenagers (13-17 years old).

▪️Brands on average pay Instagram bloggers between $ 100 and $ 2,085 per ad post.

▪️Advertising on social networks is 8.3 times more effective than placements in games and 5.4 times more effective than advertising on desktops.

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We conclude a series of posts about customer generations with the youngest group.  They were born with smartphones in their hands and know better than others how to get up on the Internet.  Today we'll talk about Generation Z.

:white_small_square:Generation Z (2001 - 2012)

They are drawn to self-education and believe that nothing is impossible.  They are well versed in any changes.  Learn new information quickly.  But they don't like to read long texts and watch long videos.  Not because they are lazy, but because it is important to have time for everything.

:white_small_square:How to work?

The Internet.  The best way to interact with them is through him.  They are visuals, so it's better to make a video or a cool picture.  Relate well to ads with social themes.

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The development of a brand book should be approached responsibly and carefully. This is one thing worth paying a lot of attention to. You can create a brand book yourself, or contact a specialist.

If you choose to create a brand book yourself, then start by making a checklist of your actions. Determine the target audience, values, characteristics of the company. And you can create a logo and develop a corporate identity using the following services:


Simple Russian-language constructor. Enter your company name, line of business and choose colors. After that, the service offers ready-made options that you can work with.

▪️Looka Logo Maker

English-speaking platform. A choice of colors is available. After choosing a color, several design options are offered.

▪️Online Logo Maker

English-speaking service. The user selects a design option based on ready-made templates.


Supports Russian language. It will help you choose a logo, change the background and elements.

When ordering a brand book from someone, be sure to request a portfolio with samples. Agree on the cost in advance. Make clear terms of reference. In it, indicate the following:
1. The name of the company, field of activity, philosophy and values   of work.
2. TA and USP.
3. Suggestions for visualization.
4. Association with the brand.
5. Corporate identity.

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