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Hindu Media Wiki Announcements
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Hi, Good evening and hope you are having a good weekend :)

We are about to complete 1k posts on the platform soon! Let's hope by the end of this year we can reach there,

Also, we have got a huge list of questions and answers related to Hinduism around 14k questions in a database out of which we are planning to upload around 5000 Q which consists of some answers after verification in 2022.

So we are good to go in terms of questions and answers.

We need to focus more on blog links, videos and books :)

Also, take some time out to join the telegram group. Only 40 people have joined till now, we need all of us to move to telegram.
Hi All, Hope you are doing great :) We are starting one new activity from this month for the rest of December!

So we would like to focus more on the sampradaya we are following. We need to document more things about it since we are already following it, it helps us to find the quality content about it easily. Also, we can ask more questions and answer them.

This will help us to finish our first goal of posting three resources/questions in a week, many have completed it perfectly and many others have yet to start.

So take your time and start posting if you haven't! Unless all have posted at least three links, we cant move to next level of organization activity.